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If I just posted a Happy Birthday to someone, on FB, and referred to them by something I meant for someone else, should I explain myself or just let it go?

Asked by jca (36054points) April 11th, 2012

I saw, in my FB feed, that it was someone’s birthday. I have two FB friends with the same first name. One of them used to be my babysitter a long, long time ago. I wrote “Happy Birthday to my favorite babysitter” but the birthday was for the woman who was never my babysitter. We’re distant friends thru our relatives. She’s probably going to be a bit confused as to why I am calling her my favorite babysitter.

Should I pm her and explain or just let it go? It seems like it would sound cumbersome to explain it, but on the other hand I don’t want to make her wonder what I meant.

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Straighten it out or other people may be confused, too.

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I’d just say ”Whoops! Same name & b-day as my long time baby sittter…I meant to wish you Happy Wishes (name)!”

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Can’t you delete the post?

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I think you can @chyna, but even then, it shows up in the persons email (if they have FB email them when there are new posts). I’ve had people post things on my FB, delete them, then write a new post…I’ve seen what they first wrote in my email.

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Being the ruminater I am, I would want to clear it up rather than stew.

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Why not delete it and write a new post?

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Haha, I can totally see myself doing that! I’d delete the post, and start over. If you’re sure they’ve already seen it (or will get an email notification of it), then you’d probably better explain.

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PM her. Make a joke out of it and with her a happy birthday again.

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I would delete it and redo it. Then send her a short note to explain.

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I would do exactly what @Plucky recommended.

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I’m with @Plucky also, but I don’t think the explanation needs to be all that cumbersome. Just tell her you got a little confused and posted the wrong message on the wrong page. Oops! My brain hardly ever runs on all cylinders so I am forever clearing up my “oops” moments. It’s really no big deal, I don’t think. But you should say something because, as you mentioned, she is going to be confused, or at least trying to figure out what the heck you meant when you referred to her as your favorite babysitter.

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So here’s what I did: Last night, after I posted it, I came on here and asked the question. I then went back and posted a comment under my post, saying “Woops, my former babysitter has the same birthday! Hope you all are doing well and have a Happy Birthday” or something to that effect. Then when I came back here, when I saw that @chyna and @Judi were saying to delete it, I decided to delete it and write a new post. I didn’t realize that the poster on FB could delete, I thought only the person could delete from their own walls (learning new FB stuff every day!). Today when I saw what people wrote about it showing up in her email and maybe I should explain it anyway, I went and pm’d her and said something like “in case you saw that I sent you a message to my favorite babysitter, it’s because my former babysitter has the same birthday. A little “woops” moment! Hope your birthday was happy!” or something brief like that.

Thanks all! Even though it was a minor situation, it was nice to save the possible embarassment! Don’t know what I would do without the collective! GA’s to you all!

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