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What is your favorite part of spring?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) April 12th, 2012

A few weeks ago I would have said when the cherry trees are blooming and the crocuses and daffodils are out. But right now it is the dogwoods, azaleas, and tulips.

I think I love the whole season.

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I think I love the earliest flowering trees the most but it is the whole march of spring, as it were, that I love. I am loathe to leave the Northeast in April because each week brings changes. (And lilacs are still to come….)

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Everything taking off in my garden!

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A walk in the woods doesn’t require bug spray.

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Warm days and cool nights.

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It’s like Summer with less humidity. I need to find out which climate on the planet has the best average Spring characteristics and move there.

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Getting to fish without having to cut holes in the water (ice fishing).

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@Blackberry, Southern California. Here, “winter” just means that it rains sometimes, and maybe you can’t wear sandals.

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I liked the part when climate changed so much that seasons became less and less clearly defined.


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@nikipedia Great description. I’ve been told I would fit in better in California, anyway.

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In Alabama, I loved the dogwoods.
In Florida, I loved the orange blossoms.
In DC, the cherry blossoms.
In Tucson, the bougainvilleas and ocotillo.
In Boulder, the hawthorns.

In Minnesota, I’m just glad when winter’s finally freaking over.

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The migrating birds singing and feeding their fledglings.

I was reveling in the songs of the Robins this morning

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I agree with @ragingloli – the end of it, when summer starts.

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Definitely the coils.

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The smells of anything that blooms, fresh rains and the clean look everything takes on.

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Getting the garden started.

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@ucme Coils? Explain.

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Spring. As in a coiled up piece of steel which makes things bounce.

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@incendiary_dan Oh, my mind was not even going that way! Thanks.

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Rain and thunder and lightening!

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The smell of the earth as big fat worms come up in the rain and turn the soil. I didn’t truly enjoys the handfuls of worms the boys threw at the girls when the worms drowned in the gushing street gutters. I was mad enough to get in the fray and start throwing them back. So there!

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@marinelife I seem to have already been spoken for, just think Tigger.

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Lambs. I know that sounds really sappy but I love lambs, they turn me to mush like this guy.

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Yes, all the green, green grass and budding trees and wildflowers in my area, and all the new life, calves and colts and baby turkey chicks running around, and right now, the roaring of the seasonal creek below my deck with the latest rain and crazy T-storms we’ve been getting the last few days through tomorrow. :-)
By the end of the weekend we’ll be pushing back up into the high 60’s to low 70’s and everything will be just shimmering green in the sunshine. :-)

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Today I visited another sign of spring that I love, a farmer’s market.

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