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Are these two corns the same?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) April 12th, 2012

I ordered two corn seeds and upon further investigation notice a slight difference in their labeling. The first one is Golden Cross Bantam and the other Golden Bantam 8 Row. Are these two the same plant?

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Golden Cross is a hybrid, while the 8 row is the heirloom (what the hybrid was created from). So to answer your question, no these are not the same seeds.

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Are Hybrids ok to use. Do they carry GMOs?

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Yes it’s safe. It’s also considered an older seed. This is a non-GMO seed and is considered a “gardener’s” choice for corn. It was hybridized to make it easier for the average gardener to reep results from the corn planted in a garden vegetable bed.

In other words, it’s a fine plant. You should get a tasty sweet corn from it. :) I plant these from time to time. It’s wilt resistant.

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Love the 8 row corn. Very sweet tasty heirloom corn.. I try to plant only heirloom vegies in my garden. Good luck.

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