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I keep smelling laundry detergent. Why?

Asked by BBawlight (2432points) April 12th, 2012

I keep smelling laundry detergent at random times during the day. It comes in waves. One minute I’ll smell it, the next minute it’s gone! Why? It’s so weird…

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Could you be smelling the detergent or the dryer sheets (if you use them) on your clothes?

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Do you have your windows open? If so, maybe you are smelling the neighbors’ laundry.

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If there is no reason for it, like your clothing or a laundry room nearby, you are just having a memory of it probably. Similar to hearing a noise that is not happening. Does it happen in different places? Or only when you are at home, at work? If it always happens in the same place, I would seriously consider something in that place smells like the detergent. Might even be someones deoderant, shampoo, something through the vent system.

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Dryer vent pointed at your home from a neighboring home?

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It could also be that you just have really strong smelling detergent. I tried fabric softener once and wow, I couldn’t smell anything else in the laundry for days. Like walking into a candy store a thousand times in a row.

It’s kind of amazing really how science can create such potent fragrances. They intensify the molecules through some process/es. (I saw a documentary about it once, very interesting.)

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I had a weird experience for a while at home, in one area, where I could smell cigarette smoke. Never did figure out where it came from – furniture, outside,

Recently I experienced a sensitivity to odors that no one else smelled. That went on for about a month. I researched it online, and one possibility was being pregnant. That wasn’t it!

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We have that when my wife uses too much detergent on our clothes. It could also happen if you have hard water where you live.

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I think you’re smelling your neighbor’s dryer exhaust… that happens to me. The neighbors must use one of those awful scented fabric softeners or detergents!! I’m very sensitive to it since I always use unscented laundry products!

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Can you discern if it is your brand? If so, it may be your body heating up your clothes and releasing the scent. Otherwise, I agree with neighbor’s exhaust. But figure it out before a dryer sheet falls from your pants leg in the middle of an important meeting . . .

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I once bought some trash bags made from recycled plastic; apparently it all came from laundry detergent bottles. They absolutely reeked.

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I was experiencing this recently, and I determined that it is the fragrance in the cat litter that is similar to the fabric softener smell.

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