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Gentlemen jellies, do you cut your own hair?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34387points) April 12th, 2012

If so, how do you do it? Do you have an electric clipper? What brand? Does it have a cord, or is it cordless?

Was it easy to learn to cut your own hair? How about doing the back and neck?

I am trying to decide whether to get a hair trimmer. I have been looking at a Wahl with a cord and at a Norelco without a cord.

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I use an electric clipper. 1 long on the beard, 2 short on the hair.

wait, we’re not talking about manscaping are we?

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@filmfann : LOL. No, we’re not talking about manscaping. I’m talking about the hair on your head.

How do you do the back and neck?

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The SO does it himself with a cordless electric razor. I don’t know what brand it is, but it probably doesn’t matter as he lives in the UK. He can’t/doesn’t do the back of his neck, but I will do it for him when there. I’m pretty sure you can pop into a barber and they will do it for next to nothing.

A co-worker once handed me a razor blade and asked me to do the deed. Fortunately, no blood was shed, but I don’t recommend it. :)

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No. However, I shave my neck front and back.

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Yep. I finally got tired of barbers who wouldn’t listen to me when I told them how I wanted it done. I have really fine hair, and if they taper it like normal hair, I end up with a little ledge sticking out with the longer hair above it standing up on it.

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I cut my best friend’s hair with an old-fashioned barber’s scissors. I just follow the line that is already there. His neck doesn’t need shaving.

Once a year or so, he has a pro tidy things up.

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That’s the beauty of being mostly bald. I can do the sides and the beard with an electric shaver.

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My gentleman jelly has his wife cut his hair. We use a Wahl with a cord and a number two guard. WahI’s hold up quite well. It saves a fortune and is really quite simple once you get the hang of it. He is rather well coiffed if I do say so myself.

It might be easier to do at home if you have someone to help you with the neck.

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Like @SuperMouse I use a Wahl to clip my husband’s & son’s hair. Like @ETpro, our barber did an OK job. I’d just always have to clean up both their heads after they got cuts. Finally I’d had enough and just did the entire cuts on my own. Both have nice hair cuts, too.

I agree @SuperMouse. Once you get the hang of it it isn’t difficult at all. It’s a nice to be able to clean them both up without having to schedule an appt during business hours.

@Hawaii_Jake We just bought another Wahl (I think it was$40-ish) that has a corded regular clipper and a cordless sideburn/neck trimmer. It’s a nice kit. I use scissors and texturing scissors to finish off both of their do’s, too. (especially around the ears)

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I cut my hair using a decent pair of scissors. I have very poor 3D visual perception because the two halves of my brain are equally dominant and neither side coordinates with the other. Yes, I am ambidextrous.

I do it mostly by feel and even my wife tells me that I do a very good job on my own hair. I have been doing it for over 15 years and the results have improved a great deal from my early attempts where I depended too much on vision rather than feel!

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Yes, I had a great barber in college in a nearby town. He gave a great cut and the social experience in his shop on a Saturday made it especially worth going there.

Post graduation I dreaded finding a replacement barber and considerred the possibility of cutting my own hair. I quickly found I could not possibly do it with scissors and a mirror. I was more likely to proverbially poke my eye out with those things in the attempt.

I had made the observation about feathering, that it involves pulling the hair out to a consistent distance from the head and cutting there. I got an electric hair clippler and, using cardboard, made a vacuum-cleaner attachment that held the vac hose on the top side of the clipper. It was also formed into a chute that would draw the hair over the clipper and, when cut, into the vacuum. The chute extended far enough to enforce a minimum cut length. To cut longer I add fingers combing through my hair between scalp and chute.

No one else has cut my hair since. No muss no fuss, takes me about ten minutes when I get around to it. I’m on the third rendition of cardboard chute, the original two having broken down from wear and tear. The current model adds a sleeve of thick old yoga mat around the vacuum hose end to “seal” between the end of the hose and the chute and the top of the razor. The sleeved hose stradles the top side of the clipper, the chute goes over that and channels forward and down beyond the cutting teeth. there is about a ¾” gap between the cutting teeth and the chute and hair is pulled into that. A velcro strap goes around the whole assembly to hold it together while in use.

It is a very effective technique, but it’s so peculiar I didn’t tell anyone but closest friends about the method for some time. Years went by and one day a friend excitedly says to me, “I saw your thing on TV!” (I’m thinking,“My ’thing’?”) “You know, your haircutting thing!” he continued. It was then I learned of Robocut.

As far as I know, from casual investigation, my invention predates by a few years the RoboCut and the Flobee, to which mine is even more similar. There are earlier industrial-strength sheep-shearing systems that operate the same way – the vacuum collects the wool – but I saw no evidence that those were intended or adapted to human hair.

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Yes I’ve been cutting my own for a few years now. Wahl is the best in my opinion, I used a different brand at first which eventually crapped out on me. It did take awhile to get the hang of it, but totally worth it. Doing the back is no doubt the trickiest part, I stand with my back to the bathroom mirror, then use a hand mirror in one hand and clippers in the other.

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I do and I use a Wahl with a cord. I use a number one on my head and a two or three if I hit my beard. With a number one, there isn’t much that needs to be done with the back of my neck but my clippers came with a little collar type device that helps me cut it straight without having to see it.

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Nope. I lack the coordination and vision to cut my own hair. But rarely do I get my hair drastically altered to make a difference, for it’s just a trim here or there to keep the ends nice.

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I cut my husband’s hair with a corded clipper (Conair, I think). You will need a friend or a barber to clean up your neck, most likely.

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I don’t cut or clipper my own hair (I’m not confident to do it myself) but I use an electric shaver once every few days to clean up the back of my neck, and I do it by feel.

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I do.

I use scissors, and they’re cordless. ;-)

I’ve been cutting my own since June(?), 1994. My wife was the barber the last time someone else cut it.

Learning to do it wasn’t that difficult, but perhaps that’s because I use scissors. I use scissors for my cephalic hair in back and the back of my neck.

Because I have almost no hair on the back of my neck and no back hair, keeping that part trimmed is almost effortless.

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@Brian1946 Lucky you. :) The back of my neck is like a shag pile carpet (and is the only part of my body that’s too hairy).

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I cut my husband’s hair with scissors and clipper. He and my little dog both get the same blade.

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@rooeytoo: Fair enough. An equal opportunity barber/

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@gailcalled – yep and no far neither has ever picked up fleas in the process! (knock on wood)

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