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Is it okay for me to wear heels to school?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) April 12th, 2012

Before you say something, no, they aren’t 7 inch heels. They’re short, 2 inch heeled ankle boots. I have really cute jeans and shirt, and the boots go perfectly with them.

I was just wondering if it would be too wrong to wear them to school?

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Why would it be either right or wrong?

If they are comfortable and attractive, what else do you need to know?

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Not wrong at all. When I was in high school the girls wore their cheerleading uniforms with cowboy boots.

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does your school have a dress code? If you think about it school prepares you for adult life and when you get into the working world many places women are expected to wear heels….

Are you female? not that it matters i mean you can wear heels if you want either way

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I’m short. When I wasn’t wearing tennis shoes, I wore heeled clogs through much of HS. Heels are fine.

Why are you concerned @blueberry_kid? Is it just that you don’t usually wear them? Or is it something else?

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@SpatzieLover It’s just that I don’t normally wear them, and my school is under construction, so there are hills and rocks.

Also, I know I shouldn’t worry about this, but my friends are near Nazi’s when it comes to today’s fashion. …damn you, Teen Vogue!

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Be the chief of the fashion police and define what today’s style is. But ask yourself whether you are prepared to sprain an ankle in order to look cute.

(Do you mean “Teen Vogue”?)

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If it’s safe to do so, I don’t see why not. Sounds like a cute outfit, to me!

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@blueberry_kid Don’t give in to pressure. On any issue. You are your own person, don’t let someone else make your decisions.

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I made my own style in middle school & HS @blueberry_kid and became known for it. You, Be You!

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(And, if you want to make friends with that nice German boy, you might want to phase references to Nazis out of your everyday vocabulary.)

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Go for it.

My only concern would be with comfort and safety. Are they new boots that you haven’t worn a lot? Have you worn them to the mall a couple times? Have you walked on gravel in them? There’s really no way for me to tell you if they’re a good fit without seeing them in person. But, whenever I’m about to wear an adorable pair of shoes on a day that might turn out to need more practical footwear, I stick a pair of well-worn ballet flats in my backpack/purse, just in case I need to change.

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And @Jeruba is right about the Nazis. Try something more sci-fi/fantasy, like “Cardassians” or “Death Eaters”.

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As long as they don’t go against any dress code I say sure it is ok. I wore heels to school.

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I go outside on the gravel between every class, because my school is 12 portables. If I can wear my six inch platforms to school, you can wear two inch heels.

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Are you looking for confirmation about your choice? Wear what suits you.

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As long as they are appropriate for your age, sure! I started wearing heels (though low and fairly casual) in 9th grade, and I now regularly wear up to 5-inch heels to school. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you can rock them, go for it! A 2-inch ankle boot is a great height and shoe to start with.

I do suggest that you ask yourself a few questions first, though-

1. Have you worn these shoes at all or for an extended period of time before? If not, they may need to be broken in or might require insoles or other inserts to be more comfortable. Yes, even shoes with small heels can be uncomfortable when worn over long periods of time; the low heel can be deceiving!

2. Do you walk well in heels, including up and down stairs, over rocky terrain, etc.? Many people can’t (I personally had to train myself) and this can become problematic and painful over an entire day at school.

3. In the event that you can’t last the whole day in them, do you have a pair of spare flats and a place to keep the shoes until the end of the day?

4. This may sound like common sense, but have you asked your parents about their feelings on the issue? My dad was not initially too keen on the idea, but I talked to him about it first and he eventually came to terms with it.

No matter what you decide, just make sure it’s the right decision for you!
Also, just know that “Teen Vogue” is not remotely the end all, be all of fashion.

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2 inch heels, in a boot, with jeans, for a 15 year old to wear to school seems o.k. to me as long as it doesn’t violate the school dress code as others have mentioned and if your parents are o.k. with it.

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As @lillycoyote said, I don’t think it’s wrong, unless there is some school dress code saying that you can’t. Of course, if your parents have a problem with them, or you are simply unable to walk in them, it’s not a good idea either. But if none of the above apply, why not?

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LOL. I missed some of the comments, including yours, @blueberry_kid, regarding the construction and rocks and @augustlan‘s about as long as it’s safe and @musician mentioning that as long as you can walk in them is some good advice… nothing takes the “cute” out of an outfit quite as fast as tripping, stumbling around and falling flat on your ass while you’re wearing it. If the heels work in the environment then they should be o.k.:-)

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If it’s within your school’s dress code… I guess it’s OK. I just don’t think it would be very comfortable or practical.

It all depends on if it interferes with any school activities, safety issues AND if you’re not wearing them just to be “cool”.

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