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What is the best weekend that you can remember?

Asked by mowens (8397points) April 13th, 2012

I was going to ask what everyone was getting into this weekend… but I figured I would go a little boader. What is the most fun you have ever had in a weekend?

Why was it fun?

Who were you with?

Was it planned?

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My 31st birthday. I was just over a month sober. My old girlfriend asked me out, took me to dinner, a play, out dancing, then back to her apartment. The next day we went sailing on San Francisco Bay with some friends of her, then to party with my friends.

The morning after that we went to breakfast in the Marina District of SF, then shopping in a record store, and enjoyed each other and the fun of being in San Francisco on a long spring weekend.

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I have trouble identifying specific ones, but I think most of them probably involved some combination of awesome beaches, great friends, sex, and illegal narcotics.

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@zenvelo Mine took place in SF as well.

I was scheduled to facilitate a class in LA and decided to spend that weekend in San Francisco. I had never been there before, and a close friend now lived there. I talked two other female friends from different times in my life and talked them into meeting me there. When I found out that a male friend would be in the area that weekend, he was invited to join us.

One of the friends used to work for a hotel manager at a posh hotel downtown, and he gave us great rooms at a discount. Everyone got along fabulously. The weather was fantastic and the food spectacular. The local friend offered to take us to Napa Valley for a wine-tasting session. One day, we went horseback riding on the Pacific coast beaches. Another we went to Muir Woods, home of the huge redwood trees.

It was an idyllic weekend. We were still young and carefree, yet old enough to afford the adventure and appreciate it.

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I have such fond memories of my lost weekend at Bernie’s. :-)

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The best weekends have been the weekends recounted to me by friends because I can’t remember them.

evidently i’m quite a card . . .

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So many great ones. For me, though, I think it was a great weekend in San Francisco that I shared with my husband. We went to brunch at an old B&B (dated from the 1920s) in Sausalito and had eggs benedict and champagne out on the deck. The we went on to Muir Woods and walked the trail just taking in the giant, ancient redwoods.

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My husband and I received a weekend at a bed in breakfast as a wedding gift. The bed and breakfast was located on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. We ended up taking the weekend when I was 4 months pregnant with our first child. We stayed in a beautiful two storey log cabin. It ended up being a wonderfully peaceful weekend. We went on many walks, ate at wonderful restaurants, read to one another…

I have very fond memories of that time.

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A big live music and camp out party I threw on my property in July of 2009.
It was a parody of the Burning Man festival and I called it “Burning Goose” after my pets.
My goose Marwyn was the guest of honor wearing a flaming orange Lei to match his feet and beak. He was a big hit and worked the party for hours. A social guy he is. lol

I went all out including having platforms built for the bands, an extra gate installed from my front yard to the adjacent camping pasture and had porta pottys delivered.
Had 2 live bands that played from 8pm to well after 2am, 3 huge tables of food, a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, cases and cases of wine.
I put up about 2 dozen solar torches with ribbons to block off the cliff in my front yard, hung dozens and dozens of glow necklaces around the fence posts, and passed out glow wands and bracelets to everyone.

I also set up a bunch of outdoor floodlights in green and yellow to illuminate the big trees in my yard from the bottom up and my daughter painted a huge acrylic painting of the Burning Goose himself that hung on a big Oak tree in the yard.

It was GREAT! So much fun!

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How many guests, @Coloma, and of those, how many campers?

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@Jeruba I had anticipated I might get upwards of 70+ guests, the turn out was smaller, maybe 40–50 something because of some late afternoon thunder storms that scared off many would be campers. The weather turned out great after a cloudburst and ended up being a perfect outdoor night. We had a lot of fun, the old folks still know how to have a good time. lol ;-)

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I spent a weekend with my parents and my brother in Orlando, Florida and went to the Wizarding World of Haryy Potter theme park. Me and my entire family are fans of Harry Potter so it was ridiculously fun. I also went to the best seafood restaraunt I had ever been to on the same day.

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