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Black coffee? yay, or nay?

Asked by the_overthinker (1532points) April 13th, 2012

Do you drink your coffee black? Have you always?

If not, what do you have in your coffee?

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I just put a bit of milk in it. No sugar, although brown sugar can be good in coffee…but yeah, a slight bit o’ milk. I drink coffee black if I run out of milk, no problem with that either.

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I am a man. And I accept women and gay persons giving me orders at work.

If a man tells me he takes cream in his coffee I will not take my shirt off in front of him, as I am not in the habit of playing the tease, even if they declare they are not gay.

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Nothing, nada, niente, . No coffee either. Never learned to like it. Sometimes I wish I had. sigh “Want to go for coffee?” er, uh, yes, but. . . .

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@Sunny2; want to go for tea? ;)

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Brown sugar or stevia and store brand French vanilla powdered creamer. I don’t like the way black coffee makes me poop.

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Coffee with non fat milk. Been that way for over 40 years. No sugar, just a bit of non fat milk.

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Cream and sugar here, but of course, and sugar and spice and everything nice. ;-)
This morning I added english toffee cappucino too. Mmm good!

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I like some bailey’s… nah fuck it, give me the bottle and screw the coffee.

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Yes, always have, on account of being dairy-intolerant. Although I will occasionally splurge on a Starbucks latte with soyamilk.

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For many, many years I did drink my coffee black, but then I changed back to having milk in my coffee. I really can’t remember why. Now… I tend to drink tea and I can’t drink tea black.

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I’m sort of the laughingstock of most of my friends when they notice how much half and half and sugar I add. By the time I’m done fixing it just right to suit me, it kinda tastes like melted Starbucks Italian Coffee Ice Cream (which is a bit odd because regular brewed Starbucks coffee is way too strong and acidic for me to tolerate)

But their coffee is another story altogether. Its the best ice Cream on the market :)

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YAY. People who doctor it up don’t really like coffee.

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I put milk in… but if there’s no milk, I will definitely drink it black rather than not drink it at all.

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nay. Milk and artificial sweetener or sugar. Not light colored, I prefer it to be the color of Barack Obama or a touch lighter. I don’t prefer half and half, I prefer milk.

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Black is fine for a really good cup of a darker roast. But cream is fine. Never sugar. I’d rather have garlic powder in my coffee. Did I mention….no sugar!?

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I use a little bit of 2% milk and a pack of Truvia.

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I can drink it black, but I prefer a splash of milk.

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Straight black. Coffee is suppose to taste like coffee.

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I’ve never been a big coffee fan. As @Sunny2 pointed out, that does tend to put a damper on one’s social life.

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Usually nay, but if someone offers I will accept.

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Guess it’s my turn to share: I am retraining myself to savor and appreciate the taste of black coffee. Starting today!! Before I would usually have more milk in my coffee than sugar.

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No milk. Never liked milk in coffee. A slight sweetness must be present, so I am rather reliant on some sort of sweetener. So, am I cursed with the addiction of coffee.

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I also like it with lurve which seems in short supply here.

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Mmmm…Baileys! Caramel!

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Strong and black . . .

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@the_overthinker I’d be happy to, but I no longer drink tea either. Purely a matter of vanity. I have big teeth and tea stains them. How about an Arnold Palmer. The lemon acid neutralizes the tea. (I think)

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Yay! As long as its good black coffee. But I like the whole spectrum of coffee drinks.

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