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What is your typical workday breakfast and what is your typical weekend breakfast?

Asked by jca (35969points) April 14th, 2012

On your workdays, what is your typical breakfast? Do you eat that at home or at work?

On your days off, what is your typical breakfast? Do you get that out or do you have it at home?

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Workday (at work):
– coffee
Uncle Sam’s cereal, slivered or sliced almonds, milk

Weekend (at home):
– coffee
– omelette with veggies and cheese

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Weekday: Cereal (usually Life or Grape Nuts)

Weekend: One day cereal (usually a sweet one)
One day a waffle, egg, and bacon.

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Weekday, one slice of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter, and coffee or tea.
Weekend, sometimes the same as weekdays sometimes eggs fixed various ways or bagels with cream cheese and coffee.

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Weekdays: Egg McMuffin and a Sausage & Cheese biscuit or muffin.

Weekends: Toast, Cereal, whatever. Unless we go out to breakfast. Then it’s oat meal or French toast. Sometimes we make waffles and bacon on Sundays.

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Weekdays: Always a Starbucks latte with either their Spinach feta wrap that I eat in the car, or I bring yogurt or fruit with cottage cheese to work.
Weekend: Whatever I damn feel like lol. But the repeat offenders are waffles, cereal, eggs on english muffin with cheese, I may go out and get a bagel.

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I love breakfast, but I can’t stand to eat in the morning, so it’s coffee on weekdays and weekends, at home. When I have breakfast, I have it for lunch or dinner.

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Nada, and nada.

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Some on-the-go egg & cheese breakfast sandwich and an ice coffee (Dunkin Donuts or Panera’s most likely)

Cereal with milk.

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Always the same;

Steel-cut oats
2 T ground flax seeds
Sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon
a few crumbled walnuts or pecans
1 t dark amber maple syrup.

On the rare occasions that I have forgotten to prep the oatmeal, I’ll have some berries,
Golean cereal, the flax seed, nuts and cinnamon and a splash of rice milk.

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A scrambled egg on a slice of toast and ½ an orange or a bowl of high protein flax cereal with ½ a banana.

We like to eat breakfast out or we make french toast with bacon.

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I don’t tend to have breakfast but once a week I may treat myself to a bacon and cheese pastry thingy from the cafe at work!

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Coffee here too. I am not a breakfast eater first thing in the morning, work or otherwise.
I usually have some fruit and yogurt around 11am, sometimes oatmeal. Sometimes I skip breakfast all together and have lunch foods in late morning.

I have been on a terrible jag since the time change of sometimes not eating all day and then just having dinner. Not good. I have to get back to my smaller and more frequent meas.

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Workday; coffee and cereal or toast, sometimes both.
Weekends, no breakfast, I get up at lunchtime.

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Workday and weekends: one glass of orange, one bowl of porridge oats with milk, one banana and one cup of tea.

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weekdays: toast with butter and jam, or cottage cheese or other cheese; or oat cereal with dried blueberries and tiny chocolate bits, sweetener and nonfat milk
Weekends: an omelet or scrambled eggs with cheese or pancakes with cottage cheese and syrup. Sometimes, a surprise.

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On weekdays, my dad makes me a scrambled egg to eat quickly before I head off to school. On weekends it varies, but usually just some yogurt or a whole wheat english muffin with apple butter. Mmm!

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I hate eating right after I get up, so I go to work early and have bereakfast in the canteen, about 2 hours after I get up. Always the same thing: poached egg on toast with a sausage and mushrooms on the side. I don’t usually bother with breakfast at weekends but if we’ve had a curry the night before I might finish off the poppadoms.

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Today, Sunday, breakfast was a surprise because I didn’t plan it ahead. I had ham and fried egg with ketchup on a bakery roll. A delightful breakfast sandwich!

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@Dutchess_III Yeah – weird people put ketchup on their eggs lol

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There is nothing wrong with dipping your eggs in ketchup.

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@ragingloli @Sunny2 I am joking, however I do personally think it’s gross, but only because I don’t care for ketchup. When I did eat it, I never put it on eggs and did always look oddly at people who did. I always preferred the real thing – Tomatoes!

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@Ponderer983 I’m the opposite way, I love ketchup and tomato sauce, but I can’t stand actual chunks of tomato! I still don’t put ketchup on my eggs, though. Only weird people do that.

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Ketchup on fried eggs is not the weirdest thing I’ve eaten. It has the same effect as ketchup on french fries. Adds a bit of flavor to something I find rather bland without it. How do you feel about cottage cheese and A1 sauce? Or peanut butter with sweet relish? This is not the first time my (seemingly, to others) peculiar tastes have been maligned.

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@Sunny2 What normal to one is weird to another. This isn’t weird to me, as I have seen many people do it, but I just don’t like ketchup. Sometimes, I put mayonnaise on my French Fries, but most of the time I have them plain. My cottage cheese stay strictly on my fruit. Never done PB with relish. I’m not sure about that. I would classify that as weird as I have never heard of seen anyone eat that. And I’m not maligning, I was seriously joshing ya. Cause Dutchess started it lol

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