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What brand of coffee do you prefer for the coffee you make at home?

Asked by jca (35967points) April 14th, 2012

For the coffee you have at home (or at work if you make your own at work), what brand of coffee do you think is best? Do you buy whole beans and grind yourself or do you buy ground? Do you think premium brands like Starbucks are a lot better than a no-frills brand like Eight O’Clock or Maxwell House?

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I tend to buy beans from the supermarket and grind them myself. I don’t like Starbuck’s coffee; I find it way too bitter. I usually make hazelnut coffee – either decaf or regular. I keep the beans in the freezer.

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Lemon Lift

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I am not fussy. I use the cheapest store brand I can buy. It all tastes like milk and sugar to me.
Or whatever flavored creamer happens to be around.

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P.S. Just was at the food store and the brand of beans is Cafe Gourmet but I don’t know if that’s just specific to that chain.

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The cheapest one available. The rest is sugar and cream with 10% fat.

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I drink tea at home (Bromley) but at work I make coffee, Eight O’Clock, Maxwell House, store brand, it’s all good. Pre-ground. If I buy coffee pre-made, McDonald’s or Dunkin I like. Starbucks is not drinkable, to me.

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Perhaps because my parents bought this brand, I have been using Eight o’clock Arabica coffee almost exclusively my entire coffee drinking life. I buy whole bean and finely grind it each morning for the day’s pot. I have a large cup with my newspaper and fill a one-quart thermos with the rest.

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Ex-coffee snob here. These days I just get pre-ground stale packages of Peets or Starbucks from the market.

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Anybody ever try Starbucks Via? The packs of instant Starbucks?

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I like the premium coffee’s but I usually buy whatever is on sale.
For those who grind their coffee beans in the morning. How can you stand that sound before you have even had any coffee? I admire you, I am not capable of that kind of tolerance.

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@wilma – If you get freshly-roasted (within a few days) beans and then grind them, the annoying sound of the grinder is offset by the most amazing smell produce from grinding the beans. Note: The smell is much different from anything you get from grinding stale beans that have not just been roasted.

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There’s this chain in Connecticut called Stew Leonard’s and they have a cinnamon hazelnut coffee. They roast their coffee regularly in the store. I used to get the beans, grind (cats would clear out of the kitchen when I turned the grinder on!) and use the French press for the best, hottest coffee!

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I have a kruig. Just about a any brand is good when it’s brewed perfectly.

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I have a caffine allergy, so Sanka.

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Local fresh roast, or Peet’s fresh roast. Whole beans. Commercial grade burr grinder.

Morning is heaven in my house.

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We’ve been using TraderJoe’s coffees, grind ‘em ourselves.
Right now I’m working on a fresh cup of Organic Bolivian medium roast.
Usually a blend of a medium roast and one of the darker roasts, but not the French Roast that is just too bitter and nasty for my taste. That’s probably not so bad with milk, but I drink it black.

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This is what I wish…
I wish there was a coffee fairy.
That the coffee fairy would sneak into my house and grind some of @tom_g ‘s freshly roasted beans, ( I would not be able to hear the grinding) then brew me some in @jca‘s french press or @Judi ‘s Kruig. The smell of the coffee would gently awaken me and I would find a steaming mug or fresh brewed coffee, with a splash of cream, waiting for me on the kitchen counter.

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I’m a bit of a fanatic about my coffee, grinding my own beans, ordering only excellent coffees online, etc. When I DO buy some in the store, it’s often the spice Dunkin’ Donuts brand. : )

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A & P French roast whole bean

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Whole beans prefer Kauai or Kona, medium to dark roast. Just got a french press for cold coffee, make it over night in fridge, double strength and reheat add more water.

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Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla flavored coffee from Market Basket. Yum.

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Ahhhh… now I feel like coffee!

I rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I have a bag of grounds in the freezer. No idea what brand, just know that it’s a breakfast blend.

My mom hates my coffee so much she brings her own Folgers baggies to brew when she’s here.

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New England Coffee Roasters. All the best local places seem to stock it, too.

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Peets is my coffee of choice.

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@johnpowell: Nice to have you back.

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None better than Colombian coffee from Krogers, their brand.

Use only with spring water.

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I like to get green beans and roast my own. I have not yet settled on a single brand, but am leaning toward French/Italian blends.

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Whatever’s on sale – but I use an old (1970s) Corningware stove top percolator. Something about it makes the coffee taste better.

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Starbucks Cafe Verona or Peet’s Major Dickinson’s.

@jca Starbukcks VIA ia vile.

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@cprevite, percolator coffee makes me feel like camping in the forest.

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Lavazza… if not that, Alessi.

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I made home brewed for years and years, but now, being single again I find that I like good old fashioned instant Tasters Choice. I mix my own 50/50 blend of half caff. One container of regular and one container of decaff in a canister and I’ve got coffee for weeks and weeks.

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@Judi: Ha. I’ve never been camping, but I do love perked coffee.

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My very favorite coffee is Stu’s Double Quasar from White Horse Coffee

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Lavazza Red Label.

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@Lightlyseared We’ll have to share a nice espresso in the future ;) Yum…Red label!

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I buy those big cans of beans from Trader Joes.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Retrofit blend, whole bean. (Blue Bottle is the best coffee in the SF Bay Area.)

Alternatively, Thanksgiving Coffee Co Foglifter blend.

I used Peet’s Italian Roast for years, came to realize Peet’s over roasts everything.

And I got a deal on Starbucks’ Tribute blend whole bean recently, but just about every bean in the bag was broken! Never again!

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@SpatzieLover yeah I flirted with their gold label for a little time trying to be posh and all but red label has the edge I think

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Living in Seattle, I have access to plenty of great coffees from hundreds of different local roasters, so I shop local and bop around. The only consistent things are that we usually buy darker/bolder roasts, and always buy whole bean.

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I buy whatever sounds good in bulk….I don’t put cream or sugar in anymore so a good rich tasting coffee is important….I don’t wanna cover it up anymo.

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Kalamazoo Coffee Co. whole beans! Support local! (: (Seriously, this coffee is worth ordering. No joke.)

I also like to find local coffee shops and buy beans from them when I travel to try them out. I can deal with crap from the grocery store, but I don’t like it much. Not fresh enough.

I’m a little coffee snobby. I much prefer the best stuff and french press over coffee pot and all that. But if all I can get is cruddy gas station coffee or hotel room coffee I’ll take it. I’m a coffee addict through and through. lol.

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I live right up the road (or down the road) from Trader Joe’s and so now I’m going to go buy some of their beans.

@marinelife: Thanks for answering my question. Costco has it on sale this month and I was going to check it out and buy it for emergency situations. Now I won’t bother.

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@zenvelo: Starbucks’ Tribute blend whole bean recently..but just about every bean in the bag was broken! Never again!

You forget that someone was paid to break every bean just for you. It’s not called a custom blend for nothing.

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I just get the Dollar Store brand that comes in the large steel can. For some reason all the cheap stuff is sold in steel. The cans are handy.

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@woodcutter: I just threw out all the old dead-tasting popcorn in a big tin yesterday. Tin was on clearance at Walmart, popcorn was awful but tin will surely come in handy!

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@jca: ^^Good for the compost pile.

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

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@jca you…through out the popcorn?! where?

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@woodcutter: In the garbage.

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