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What is the best thing to wear on the first date?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) April 14th, 2012

This is a follow up question to this.

What exactly should I wear?

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I wish this was in Social Birthday suit is not the PC answer

Where are you going? A simple top and skirt would be appropriate for a movie or trip to mall.

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If you are this unsure about all the aspects of a first date, should you double-date or go with a crowd until you get your sea legs?

How about this outfit?

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What you wear depends on the venue. If you are going to the movies, err on the casual side with a nice blouse and dark jeans or a sundress with low-heeled or flat sandals. Make sure to bring a light jacket or cardigan with you. It’s almost always cold in the movie theater (but that can be a good thing because then you can snuggle with your date!). Most importantly, have fun and be yourself!

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Where are you going (echoing @Tropical_Willie ).....?

Definitely agree with @lonelydragon…(and if you do go to the movies, don’t forget your cardigan.) And just in case…breath mints and a big smile….a big smile is really the nicest thing you can wear….as an accessory to whatever you decide as wardrobe.

Most of all….relax…..enjoy….have fun! (And write back to let us know how it went!)

All best wishes to you!

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It depends on what activity you are going to be doing on the first date.

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Clean underwear.

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I second Lonelydragons answer. Be yourself.

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Be you @blueberry_kid. You are way overthinking this. Try to imagine you’re going to the movie with your BFF instead of a first date with a guy that is a friend. Treat this as a night out with a friend.

What do you normally wear to a movie? Wear that. What do you normally talk about with your friends at school? Talk about that stuff.

Chill. It’s all good!

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@everyone. I’m going to the movies, and on my way out. Wish me luck!!!

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You will have fun. Luck has nothing to do with it.

Let us know how the evening went, pleases.

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Tube socks.

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Something comfortable/casual, like nice jeans and a cute top.

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Speaking as a guy, obviously, I want you to look as hot as possible. But then, I’m a guy who admires sex appeal and is not concerned that it means a girl is a slut.

In this day and age, people, especially women, seem to get all caught up in not wanting to look like a slut or something (whatever that looks like), so you have to dress pretty conservative.

The truth is, though, it doesn’t matter so much what you wear, as how you behave. Only girls care about whether you look like a slut or not, so you aren’t dressing for your date. You’re dressing for other girls. Dress how you want other girls to dress, and you’ll be fine.

Then, through behavior, you tell your date exactly what you want him to really know about you. Don’t worry. Your clothes will be wasted on him. He won’t get the subtleties (unless he’s gay). You have to tell him exactly what you want him to know about you, and no being subtle. He won’t get it. Guys your age have no idea how to read between the lines of what a woman says, whether she says it in words or with her clothes. You must be very specific and clear in what you say if you want a guy to understand you, and even then, he won’t get it most of the time. Sorry. Guys are pretty clueless, when it comes to women.

And of course, the obverse is true. You probably think we think similarly to you, to some degree. Not true. There is no good communication between the sexes. It’s always difficult. Nothing is ever clear.

So, good luck. Have fun. And please don’t worry about clothes. So long as you look nice, you are fine. You’d really have to go naked to get a guy to pay attention to what you are wearing in anything more than a “you look nice” kind of way.

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@everyone, The date went absolutely perfect. We actually didn’t run out of anything to talk about. I ended up wearing a denim skirt, my heeled boots, and a white flowery top, and a jacket. We talked about school, friends, the movie, actors, other movies, current events, and what we’re going to do over the summer. And, we ended the night outside the movie theater with a very long kiss, if I say so myself. Thanks for the help eveybody! :)

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That’s absolutely super news…! Made my day….:)

Keep us posted.

aww so sweet

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Great ! – Take a step to the future and more dates.

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