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What purpose does Facebook serve when one uses it for an hour by hour diary?

Asked by gailcalled (54522points) April 14th, 2012

I wander in once a day and am often astonished at seeing the most quotidian and ordinary announcements being made. One of my cousins, for example, sends photos of meals she has at fast-food restaurants. Blurred shots of burgers and fries?

Much of what is written does not seem directed at a larger audience. What is the satisfaction?

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Connection. If one person likes it or comments on it, they are not alone.

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It would serve as a good diagnostic tool to tell me I need to get a life.

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People like attention.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: Does the F/B attention rise above banality?

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They like to think that maybe at least one person cares about what they do every second of the day. However, that is very rarely true.

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Knowing that you will get the best targeted adverting the internet can provide!!

Seriously, Facebook is a privacy nightmare. Lets look at what The New York Times does. Fuck everything about this.

A lot of sites do this. They embed shit in other sites that allows Facebook to track what you look at on the internet. And they know your name. And where you live. And if you prefer a shower or bath.

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The mistaken idea that whatever you do is of importance to others.

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The purpose of facebook (the cesspool of narcissism) is to serve as a reason to ridicule people who use facebook.

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@gailcalled hell if I know, you’ll have to ask someone that actually does that. I’m not one to post about what kind of poo I’m making or that I just ate a burger or that my freshly-dried socks are nice and warm because I want attention. I post sexxxxxy pictures for that.

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@johnpowell, you posted that image to show us the “allow requests” balloons, right? What does that even mean?

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I have someone in mine who types that she is up for work, or what show she is watching. i think she thinks someone cares. People do respond – I think they must be equally shallow.

I don’t understand why people write passive aggressive stuff, the vague wall posts. If they want to send a specific message to someone they should, not something vague and nasty for all to read.

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I use FB to post photos to family and to read blogs and articles. Some of the postings I see are incredibly rude and shallow. I have zero idea why they were posted.

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Update: I am making a post on Fluther!

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Update. I read a post by @SavoirFaire in which he claimed he was making a post on Fluther.

Update. My belly button requires cleaning.

Update: posting pictures of belly button lint now.

Update: Facebook now has a direct connection to my mind. No futher updates necessary.

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It serves to feed a person’s ego or the person somehow believes that everything they do is important and interesting. I don’t get it either. Narcissism. That’s all I can think of. I can’t imagine what motivates someone to do this sort of thing or to believe that most of their friends, or anyone at all, for that matter, is interested in what they do every stinking minute of the day, other than that: Ego and narcissism.

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Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs:

“No one gives a shit that you woke up late!!!”

“No one wants to see a picture of the sun glasses you bought this afternoon!”

“No one cares that you’re going to bed at 11:15pm!”

I find automatic updates to be intrusive. If I want to to know about your life I’ll ask.

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My grandfather once described facebook as “the world’s largest, longest, and most detailed ongoing biography.”

Historians in the future are going to have a field day sifting through facebook posts.

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@FutureMemory LOL. Facebook doesn’t have an “I don’t give a rat’s ass that you put on clean underwear today. So did I, but I don’t need to announce it to the whole damn world. Get over yourself, O.K?!” button though. They just have a “like” button. It would be a very good addition, I think.

I don’t have any friends who do this really, the excessive posting of things I really don’t care about. I would probably block them if they did. I have “blocked” a couple of people because they just play too many damn games and it clogs up my feed with crap.

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No clue. Maybe some people need attention, or are full of themselves. Maybe next time I defecate, I should take a picture of it floating in the toilet, post it on FaceBook and go, hey man, check it out, poop. You know, cuz people care about this shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I like attention too. But it will feel better and much more real when I get attention for taking over a country, or becoming a knight.

To each his own I guess. People obviously like it, else it wouldn’t occur, or so I’m thinking.

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@lillycoyote All I do there is play Scrabble, thankfully…

I play a mean game…Symb can tell ya ;)

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aye…I’m not very good, but that doesn’t, in any way, suggest that @FutureMemory is an average player. His skills are pretty mad.

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Y’all must be spending some time there if you know about all the inane postings! ;-)

Everyone seems to be on it whether they like it or not so it is a good way to keep up with what is happening without having to be overly involved. I really kind of enjoy it or at least get a kick out of it. It is astounding what personal information some people post about themselves.

But what I really dislike are all the games and game requests. I hide them as fast as they appear.

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It’s all about the “Me” generation. In this age of mass information overload, many people feel so insignificant…lost even. In turn, they post on social networking sights and video sites ..hoping someone will read/listen/watch. Sometimes it seems like they feel they have no identity if they can’t get themselves out there in cyber land. It’s a topic I’m quite interested in actually. I’m curious of the ways in which the internet has changed cultures/societies – all the way down the behaviour and cognition of the individual who is lost in it.

Any ways, I have a few people on my FB that post in this manner. One is a long time friend and the others are younger family members. I really detest the game requests/alerts from games I don’t play ..I block them immediately. I only share my game information/posting with a few people who play the same game (so no one else has to see it).

The only times I post is when I want to share a controversial link, during holidays (to wish everyone well), birthdays and the odd announcement of what I’m up to. An Example: About two weeks ago, I posted a picture of a dish we made because we don’t really, um, cook. We are trying to learn how to cook more than just pasta (and eat healthier), so we made Potato and Kale Enchiladas (vegan). We home-made the sauce and everything ..I was so proud that I had to share it on FB! :)

@Symbeline and @FutureMemory I’m rarely beaten at Srabble (the board game any ways; haven’t tried it online yet) :P

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Um, Scrabble I mean. I had to rewrite that post so many times as it was a mess but I didn’t check the bottom…oops.

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I think it’s mostly younger people who do that. I hide them. @lillycoyote You can just block the game notifications, rather than the people. I hide all of them.

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I think they’re just desperate for attention.

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Oh they must be getting their Facebook and Twitter tabs mixed up.

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I actually knew a girl in her early twenties who would always “check in” wherever she went. He posts would automatically say something like; “So-and-so checked in at Olive Garden 20 minutes ago.” I think the times would continually change, and after I friended her she would include my name in there. I asked her why she did that, and who she thought cared. I also informed her that if anyone wanted her dead they’d know where to find her. She told me she got “points” every time she checked in. She actually told me that she had more points then me. I asked her what she could do with the points, like save up for an ipod or something. She said you couldn’t do anything with the points. She also could not answer me when I asked what was the point then. She just kept repeating that she had more points. She meant it. It was really important to her. I gave up then and there trying to understand.

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I have plenty of friends on Facebook that use it as a diary (a boring one at that) and it bugs me a little. The worst status updates are the ones that are constantly about how depressed or ill someone is. I have one acquaintance that, according to her Facebook, has always “just been sick :(” (the sad face is an important part of the status, sometimes it even has a tear under one eye dot). Also, I wish people didn’t fish for compliments all the time, comments like “so and so feels so ugly (again, with the all important sad face)” only make me want to write a comment underneath agreeing that they are no oil painting (even if they are actually quite stunning).

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I’m trying to picture what faceyuk may have been like during WWII.
“Anyone else hear those noisy planes last night?”
“My boyfriend tried to rape me during the blackout, as if a girl hasn’t enough on her plate!”
“That Winston Churchill, he’s got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp”
“Grandad’s vegetable patch was blown sky high yesterday, we’ll be retrieving carrots from folks chimneys for weeks”

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There’s a feature on my PlayStation 3 that hooks up to FaceBook, and everytime I get a trophy in a game, it posts it on my wall. But who’s gonna give a shit about that, besides my PSN friends? And even then. Lol.

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For some people I think it serves as an extended live chat. I also have family, friends and a few acquaintances who bombard like that and it’s annoying until something important happens. When an aunt of mine went into hospital on critical watch then I was grateful for the family members who kept checking in and sharing hourly updates.

I have dropped acquaintances who did mostly those kind of mundane or “gripe” posts though.

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