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What are some awesome songs in Spanish?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) April 14th, 2012

I love malaguena salerosa and la isla bonita. What are some other songs sung in the Spanish language that I might like?

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I love a lot of Shakira’s songs in Spanish.

Maria by Ricky Martin, the dance version.

Laura Pausini also has some great music.

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Edith Piaf and Los Panchos did a killer version of Beseme Mucho

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Pata Pata

Witchi Tai To

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A Las Barricadas, the song most likely to make me leap over a barricade with a molotov in each hand into the teeth of a machinegun barrage.

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I love almost everything by the Buena Vista Social Club..

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I like Bonito by Jarabe de Palo (i think) and Volverte a Ver by Juanes. I like Juanes in general. La Camisa Negra too.

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Entre dos tierreas – Heroes Del Silencio
Tranquilo majete – Celtas Cortos

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