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What special precautions would you make before taking a cruise?

Asked by filmfann (50090points) April 14th, 2012

Tonight is the 100th anniversary of Titanic, but also in the last couple years we have seen several cruise ships sink or lose all power. Many passengers end up sickened by the water, are unable to flush toilets, and have suffered in other ways.
Have you, or would you, take a cruise?
What special precautions would you take?

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I wouldn’t go on a cruise. If I had that much money to spend on a holiday I’d spend it in a really good, but static hotel in a European city that I haven’t visited yet. Not because of risk of illness or sinking, but because I don’t particularly enjoy the “guided tour” type of holiday. I’m much more an independent traveller.

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I have cruised many times and love the experience. I wouldn’t be afraid because of the incidents that have happened in the past few years. Compared to the number of cruise ships that sail throughtout the world, the numbers are in your favor of having a great time without any problems. To me, there is nothing like cruising.

Imagine being able to travel and see different countries without having to pack and unpack your suitcases each time. The food is out of this world good. The service from the staff is beyond compare and the price is too good to be true when you compare it to traveling on your own and paying for hotels and eating out.

The only thing I’m afraid of is the norovirus. I wash my hands like I have OCD. I always know where my muster station is located and pray that I never have to go there for a real emergency.

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Cementing the ship to the dock.

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I have taken 3 cruises and absolutely loved them. I truly believe they are one of the best bang for your buck vacations. The food is great, entertainment is awesome and you make friends very easily. I have never worried about going on the ship and anything happening, the incidences with cruises ships are so isolated that it wouldn’t even cross my mind.

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Having learned my lesson 40 years ago, I will not enlist in the Navy before taking a cruise. That way, if I’m unhappy with the cruise, I can leave the ship and never have to come back.

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Pack things like Imodium, Neosporin, instant hot/cold packs and plenty of sunblock. That’s about it. I like paying attention to the pre-sail safety drill.~

Cruising doesn’t scare me a bit now. It’s one of the most economical time/money/exposure values out there which suits people like me who need to maximize every minute of one week vacations.

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I would like to take a cruise someday, just for the helluvit.

And hey, I’ve never been camping, so pooping in a bucket on a boat is as good in the Aegean as it is on Lake Okeechobee, right?

To honestly answer, my wardrobe would be ready for all weather and climate control system malfunctions. Dramamine most definitely. Lots of sunblock of course. First aid kit…

this is sounding like any other vacation including a day on the water. Ah well. Not as interesting an answer as I was hoping for from myself. Shame.

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