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Can you put an hotmail account on a blackberry curve?

Asked by JP (18points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

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no hotmail is not set up for pop3 access

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Hotmail can now be setup on a blackberry…

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You should be able to set up any email account to push to your Blackberry through your online Blackberry Internet Service account. I have my gmail, domain, charter and work email all pushed to my Pearl.

You have to create an account and link it to your phone. Depends on your carrier where you log in. Do a google search for “your provider blackberry log in”

For example for Cingular/ATT you go here:

Once you create the account you can configure the emails you want pushed to the Blackberry. In most cases you only need the email address and password. Even though my work email is Exchange I didn’t have to configure anything.

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