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Have you ever hit on a teacher?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) April 14th, 2012

Inspired by the “Can a married teacher like a student” question.

Reminded me my chem teacher said she couldn’t go with me to the prom.

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Well, not until after he hit on me, but I was 24 and he was 36. We were both adults. But not in high school, college or graduate school. I was taking a class at the local art museum. I never would have gotten involved with him if it had been a real academic program.

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I wanted to once or twice, but I was able to restrain myself. Didn’t want to get in trouble…

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No. Lol. But I do remember in high school, we had a rather young female teacher. One of the students was always making his move. One time at the end of class, I saw him sit on her desk and start getting fresh. It was freakin funny lol.

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Oh! It’s hit on a teacher…

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no, but I have had students hit on me

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@FutureMemory either way, I am glad you decided to not go through with it. :)

@DrBill, now I want to teach

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I have two professors who I have hit on before.

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It happens not too infrequently, but it’s mostly by my special ed kids. I’ll take it.

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I work in a school, yes I have hit on a teacher or two in my lifetime, but not one that was teaching me.

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No. I wouldn’t, either, until the class was over and I wouldn’t be taking any more from them.

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I flirted with my theater teacher in college—I was 25 and he was about 35.

I’ve also be hit on by my students but never, ever acknowledge it. It makes me queasy.

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Not to his face.

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Never. I never thought about it either.

Is something wrong with me?

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If Mr. Hanratty had been my college professor, instead of my junior high English teacher, I certainly would have. ;)

In high school, I did sleep with one of our school’s security guards. Looking back, that freaks me out.

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There was a gym teacher I used to flirt with. He was eventually fired for getting a girl at our school pregnant. Does it matter that he was fine as hell?

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Never. I’ve only ever been attracted to one teacher, ever, and I was in a relationship at the time. Professor Hernanez, where are you now?

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Had a crush? Yes. Acted upon it? Never. It is unethical in my book. I felt that way even as a teen.

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I threw a shoe at my history teacher once, his name was William Shakespeare, this irritated me enough to precipitate the footwear flinging incident.

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yep, never acted on it though.
I can be pretty fickle with my “crushes” any how.

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To those that have been hit on by students:

I’m curious, how do you know the student isn’t just being friendly? I’ve stayed after class many times just to chat, and now I’m wondering if any of those teachers thought I was sweet on them.

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@FutureMemory Tone, body language, use of pauses, word choices… there is a difference.

I can tell when a kid is being friendly, has a crush, or is hinting at something more.

The most bizarre proposition I ever had was being offered weed. I had a headache, was walking down the hall during my prep, was holding my head, and the known weed dealer moseyed past me then said in a general direction, “I have a solution for that.” I knew exactly what he meant, but knew the comment was too vague to bust him for anything so pretended I didn’t see him.

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