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Imagine that you have a decent-sized backyard (garden) and you want to add an all-weather creative space to which you might escape from time to time. What would YOUR space be like?

Asked by Kayak8 (16433points) April 15th, 2012

What features would your “get-away” include and why? How would you use the space (painting, reading, resting)?

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A canvas roof.

A fire pit.

I would want it next to a pool.

Comfortable furniture for lunging.

An outdoor dining set.

Lighting and lots of plants and flowers.

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“Painting, reading, resting” – yes! What a great question! I’m picturing a kind of Victorian gazebo with screens that can be rolled up. Lounge chairs with cushions covered in paisleys of magentas, lilacs and deep purple. Books (each in its own little waterproof coat) piled up on a side table. A small writing desk at which I turn out brilliantly crafted novels (think Jane Austen) and an easel at which I paint (think Monet.) And Anthony Hopkins to appear occasionally from the house with freshly squeezed lemonade and shortbread. O – what an artist I could then be!

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Must have broadband.

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I’d have a well planted greenhouse, with some shades for warm weather.

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I want a study like Mark Twain’s at Quarry Farm !! I love that it’s octagonal and that there are windows all around. I like the idea of being secluded but being able to take in the outside world. I would decorate the interior totally differently though. It would be more contemporary but with lots of wood, less Victorian

But I also love the last writer’s retreat shown on this blog post. How lovely it would be to retreat into nature like that.

I would use it for writing, painting, and relaxing….waiting for my muse.

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There is a small building with weathered cedar shingle siding and roof. It has a bit of moss on the north side. Morning glories climb on the eastern and southern exposures. Inside this small garden shed is a lounging daybed, with pillows for comfort. A small side table for a drink, snack and candle. A small comfy chair for sitting. There is a cupboard with more candles and journals and other secret and personal things. There are windows that open to the fresh scented breeze. In the corner is a small wood stove for warmth on chilly evenings.
Outside the path to the shed is made of slabs of stone and lemon thyme grows between the stones, scenting every step taken there. Just down the path, there is a pergola dripping with wisteria. Beneath this is an iron table and well cushioned chairs set for a simple wine, cheese, fruit and chocolate supper. There is also a swing big enough for two, and a couple more comfy chairs. There are lanterns and hurricane candles for lighting. The area is private, surrounded by bushes and tall flowering plants.
To one side is a stone fireplace for cooking or just enjoying. Behind the pergola, there is a small open meadow area for star gazing, or perhaps dancing in the moonlight. Along the back of the property is a small densely wooded area with some ancient trees. In the trees is a tree house like my avatar.
I would escape to my sanctuary in the early morning to have coffee and begin my day with renewed spirit. I would go there in the heat of the summer days for a nap. I would retreat to my private spaces in the evening for reading and relaxing alone or with friends.
There may or may not be trysting involved.

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Here is one example and others in the thumbnails. I have friends who have something like this; there are screens (vital) and no hookups for electronics or phones.

They carry an English tea out on a tray and sit there in the gloaming and enjoy the sounds and smells (the roses in early June would seduced the stoniest of hearts).

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Honestly? I want a treehouse. Just like I wanted when I was a kid, but with cherry tomatoes growing in a window box and a bunch of pillows in a corner so I can read by the sunlight coming in the windows. Of course there has to be a wrought-iron candleabra so I can read by firelight after the sun goes down. In the opposite corner from my reading pillows would be a small, low table, with a cusion for sitting, where I could write or meditate if I chose.

The rules: No electronics. Including light bulbs. Okay, a small radio for soothing music only might be permitted on occasion.

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