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Which is better for you and why, buying food for two weeks or going to the store, when low on food?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) April 15th, 2012

I started buying food for two weeks, many years ago. I was paid every two weeks, so going to the store every two weeks, just came naturally. I continue this habit today.

Question: what are your food-buying habits? Do you make your foodstore purchases twice a month, once a month, weekly or something else?

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I go once per week and sometimes go mid week to pick up things I ran out of. Most of what we eat is quickly perishable- fruits and veggies so we cannot go every 2 weeks

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I stock my freezer with all sorts of frozen goods, fish, chicken, frozen entrees, veggies, about once a month and then fill in with fresh produce weekly or so. I buy a months worth of cat food at a time, canned and a big bag of Science Diet and stock up on paper products too. I live rural in the foothills and split my shopping between the two nearest towns which afford a good amount of variety. I utilize a local grocery outlet, Big Lots, and my local IGA market which carries local produce and has great deals.

Every month is a free coupon. This month I got a huge bottle of olive oil for free. :-)

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I find it more expensive to shop while hungry than plan a list for two weeks worth of non-perishable foods.

We go for fresh fruits and vegatables when needed or at weekend farmer’s markets in the summer and fall.

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I don’t have much storage space in my kitchen so I shop once a week, and I buy fresh fruit and veg and bread as and when I need it.

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When I had a family to cook for I’d go about every two weeks. It’s just me now (Rick cooks for himself) and I just grab what ever whenever I happen to be there.

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We do a big stock up once a week and then go back to the store a couple times during each week to restock fresh vegetables, breads, etc.

I do use the freezer a lot to stockpile items on sale or when I have coupons. That is a huge savings and help to always have staples on hand.

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I also make and freeze soups and buy tons of canned soups too and cheeses. Hard cheeses last for months at a time. Even if I put off the big shopping for an extra few days I always have soup and cheese and crackers. lol

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We shop on a weekly basis, any less than this & i’d have withdrawal symptoms…..I like to trolley race along each aisle see, that shit is really competitive.

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I have fibro. I cant do big shopping. I did last week and was sick for 2 days. I usually pick my groceries up curbside at the delivery market.

I buy schwans on occasion. He comes to the door every 2 weeks.

But I am trying to stop my fast food drive thru addiction. A grocery stop would be better.

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We shop on a weekly basis. We’re not averse to the idea of going less often and buying in bulk, but we don’t really have enough storage space to do that.

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I can’t always afford to buy enough food for a month/2 weeks so I buy food as and when I need/can afford it.

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Every 2 weeks. Then some other days in between to get back what we forgot.

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