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Who in bellevue (or close) wants to be in a movie?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) May 26th, 2008

CALLING ALL WHO LIVE IN LIVE IN BELLEVUE WASHINGTON (or close)!!! I am going to try to make a home movie version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ll of course be Dr. Frank N Furter, but who else wants to help?

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I’d totally be into it if I was anywhere near you but I’m so very not. Are you planning to do a sweded version?

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sweded? I know we will have toast lol

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Doubt she knows what sweded is.

Edit:: what a suprise.

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

no i am not doing a sweded version…well not THAT sweded

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OMG! I so wish somebody would document this.

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I don’t know what sweded means, too. Got a problem with that? And Mrs, I live way far away from Washington… So sorry! Couldn’t be in it. But thanks for asking.

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I think paulc is refering to Be Kind Rewind and how they sweded movies.

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

I know what sweded is now thanks though. Haight, come move to washington!

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I live right next to you….pick me.

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

what? where in washington do you live?

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Right next to you!

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

Oh really wizard. What is our neighborhood called?

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That shall remain unspoken…hmph!

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

Yeah because you don’t know because you don’t live next to me

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