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Will you please share some of your own YouTube videos with us? :)

Asked by Dutchess_III (42268points) April 15th, 2012

This I call Steamed Kitteh We actually shot three whole videos before the silly cat decided she’d had enough! This one was the last one. :)

I had steamed some broccoli by putting it in a strainer and then putting the strainer upside down in a bigger pot. Well, after I took the broccoli out I just put the strainer right side up in the pot…but everything was still warm. Guess the cat liked it ‘cause she climbed right in and laid down!

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Awesome kitty :)

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The compy I’m on is a dinosaur and is drrraaaggggiiinnngggg….. so I can’t find the address to link it here. But the link’s on my profile. Click on “The Little Guy”. That’s my son when he was 15 months old. He’s 3½ now.

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He is beyond adorable, @Seek_Kolinahr. Rock-on. I loved the video, @Dutchess_III. I remember when I first joined Fluther, someone started something similar to this and I saw your kitty. There were some great videos posted that reminds me that there are real people behind the comments. I hope this one goes along as nicely as I remember that previous one.

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The videos are all shit. But the background image is one of the mods here.

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Well, @johnpowell, it seems to me that about 95 percent of the people on Fluther are mods, so I have no idea who it could be. Perhaps the one with a drinking problem? Nope, that doesn’t narrow it down any. Hmmm ~

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@seek…sooooo funny! Thank you!

@johnpowell Hey…I like the way you dressed your background! I have to figure out how to do that…first, though, I have to figure out which of our Mods has a drinking problem.

Fine! Ya’ll won’t play, except Seek, then I’ll just post all by myself! My grandson doing the belly roll a couple of years ago.

Here’s my son Heap Big Snake Hunter (1 of 3)

Aaand, here’s me bowling

And…there is more. ”)

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Me singing “The gift of love” while my dog is listening in front of me.
He almost feel asleep:)

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I don’ really do youtube, in terms of uploading things. I just have this video to share, that I have on Photobucket, and may have posted it before. It’s the only thing I have locked and loaded and ready to go. There is a creek near my house and I took my Lizzie there, when she was about 6 months old, to see if she might like the water. I let her off her leash and kind of nudged her, well maybe it was a bit more than just a nudge, into the water, and she not only loved it, she kind of went crazy.

I will take her back to the creek, but not back to the ocean, I don’t think. She doesn’t seem to like it so why push it on her?

She did really love it

The sun was going down and I took the video on my cell phone so it is not the best quality.

About a week later I took her too a different part of the creek, about a week later, where the water was deeper, to see how she would do and she seemed to flounder and had trouble getting out. I reached in to get her and fell in. She and I both managed to get out eventually but I ended up walking with her, through my neighborhood completely drenched; soaked from head to toe. That was our last trip to the creek.

I took her to the ocean once but she didn’t seem to like that at all. The Delaware shore is not at all wild and it wasn’t crowded; she and I were the only creatures there that day. I had her on her leash and tried to get her to get closer to the water but she didn’t seem to like it at all. I didn’t want to push it. She kept looking up at me as if to say: “I don’t really like this, O.K.? Could we go back now?” So we left and went back to the car. She likes the water, seems to at least like the creek, but not the ocean. I think she doesn’t like the waves.

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@lillycoyote That was hilarious!! She REALLY liked it. She part Lab? That’s what Labs do…water stuff. We had a Lab who would literally dive for rocks. All of her would be underwater, not even her tail showing. You gotta take her back!

@jehnstewart Really? That was YOU? Are you famous and we just don’t know it? Really nice!

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@Dutchess_III Yes that was me. :) Thank you!

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@jehnstewart, you have a very good voice. What is the background music, from a karoke or something similar?

@lillycoyote, does you dog play like that in the snow too? That was fun to watch. It made me smile.

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@bkcunningham Thank you. It’s magic sing karaoke.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, I do need to take her back to the creek. I kind of feel bad that I haven’t. That video is from the first time, when I just took her there to see if she might like it and she just went nuts. And, as far as I know, Lizzie does not have a drop of Lab in her even though a lot of people not just thought, but pretty much assumed she was a lab when she was a puppy. Everyone would say “Oh, how cute, I had a lab growing up.” She is an Alaskan husky, chow chow, german shepherd and mastiff mix, though we’re not absolutely sure about the mastiff, though Lizzie’s brother looks like he has a little mastiff in him. Her mom got loose one night and the suspect is the mastiff who lived next door.

You know I got Lizzie from “Athena” (not going to give her real name here) right? Athena from Her dog Zoe is Lizzie’s mom. But Lizzie seems to have made her own particular alchemy from her mix. She’s not a lab or whatever crazy mix she is or anything really; she’s a Lizzie. She loves water though not the ocean, runs like the wind, can turn on a dime, very agile, pulls on her leash like a dog three times her size and weight; she’s a powerful creature for her size, she always has her nose to the ground, sniffing everything, and she even points sometimes, like a setter or something. It’s kind of crazy. Not much of a barker though, thank goodness and practically effortless to house train.


@bkcunningham I am trying to remember exactly what Lizzie does in the snow. We had a very early snow here, last fall and Lizzie didn’t quite know what to make of it and then we really didn’t get any snow here this past winter. I took her to Cleveland for a couple weeks when I was visiting my Aunt for Christmas and they got snow but I just can’t remember! I know I have at least some pics of Lizzie with a “snow mustache” that are pretty cute, from her rooting around in the stuff; she always has her nose to the ground, but as for playing in the snow, I just can’t remember. Bad mom!

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She reminded me of my Australian shepherd playing in the water, @lillycoyote. He was like his mommy. We are both water babies. He would put his head into the water and the snow and do the same moves Lizzie did in the water. He’d push the snow (or leaves or rocks or kick-balls or soccer balls…) and lower his body and have fun like a madman.

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@bkcunningham Australian shepherds can be crazy. One of my best friends and I were roommates for a long time and he had a deaf, albino Australian shepherd, affectionately known as “the devil dog.” He couldn’t really help himself really, had a lot going against him from the get go, but that dog was nuts. Training an Australian shepherd can sometimes be difficult, that is my understanding at least, really depending on the individual dog, but trying to train a deaf dog, of any kind; that can be very difficult. But I will remember that dog, in all his glorious madness, for the rest of my life!

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My dog, Tober, was the smartest dog in the world. Honestly, he was more intelligent and kinder than most humans I’ve known. Everyone was impressed with his intelligence. There was a puppy in his litter who was albino and blind. I kept him with Tober after they were weened for about a week. I had to give him back to the farmer who gave me my dog. I couldn’t train him. I feel guilty to this day about that. I don’t think the blind puppy lived.

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@bkcunningham Except that… I’m thinking now maybe the devil dog was female. It was 30 years ago…

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@bkcunningham Yes, Whitey, the devil dog was finally put down when he (or she :-) started to go blind. It was very sad, but really just too much to ask of the dog, I think, to be both deaf and blind. Not much of a life for a dog, I don’t think, but it’s never an easy decision to make. They are smart dogs though, that’s for sure. The Whitey did as well in life with being deaf… that requires some intelligence.

But at least you tried, bk. You gave it your best. I just don’t think there is a practical way to train a deaf and blind dog unless you’re willing to be the Anne Sullivan of dog training and devote yourself to it full time.

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You know how 6 week old puppies play? Imagine my puppy playing with his brother. Nipping, tugging, backing up and the blind pup would turn and nip at the air and trot those fat little legs, head down into nothing. It was funny and sad. Oh, well. Thanks for the sweet memories. Enjoy your Baby girl. She looks like a charmer.

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@bkcunningham I had a similar experience with a kitten years ago. My downstair’s neighbor’s cat had kittens and one of them was born with a severe defect in her back legs. I told him that I would take her and I tried so hard to take care of her. But her back legs were splayed and total useless, she couldn’t even stand up. When she wanted to move, she had to drag herself across the floor with her front paws. After about a month, maybe six weeks at the most, I just decided it was best to have her put down. Maybe I should have done it sooner, I don’t know. It is so hard to know what the right thing to do is sometimes. I felt bad because I thought if I could just get her through it all maybe I could get her one of those little adaptive carts, for her back legs, but it also seemed like maybe I was simply prolonging her suffering because I wanted to be the “cat saint.”

I was very conflicted and confused, I was worried that the whole thing was becoming more about me than about her, more about me wanting to save her than what was best for her, but finally decided it was best to put her down; so I did. Then I brought her home from the vet, her name was Starbaby, and put her in a shoebox, with a couple of toys, because just in case there is a kitty heaven… where she would be whole and healthy, she would have toys to play with and buried her. I guess she must still be there, buried by the fence, in the yard of my old apartment in Austin.

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Just you wait and see, @lillycoyote. One of these days, you are going to be older and menopausal with hormones raging like a mad woman and somebody is going to tell you a story like that and make you weep and smile and want to hug the storyteller – all at the same time. Karma. Karma my friend. I do hope karma kisses you. I know it will be wonderful.

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@bkcunningham LOL. That ship has already sailed. :-) My deployment onThe USS Menopause is over, I served my tour of duty; and my ship long ago sailed over the horizon; about 5 years now. But I am feeling the hugs my friend, and the karma kisses. Thank you so much. No matter what we may agree or disagree on, I know that you are made of the right stuff, where it really counts. That’s the only thing that really matters.

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Of course I remember ‘Thena! And X-Ray! I never could quite wrap my head around a tall, willowy Goddess hooking with a short, dumpy, green Martian with grasshopper ears…

Thanks for sharking Lizzy with us…take her back to the creek and take more video!!

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@Dutchess_III Their hearts have met in the same place: Athena’s and X-Ray’s and that is all that really matters. They are engaged now; according to “Athena’s” Facebook profile. I haven’t talked to her for a while. I really need to call her.

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