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How often do you apply lip chap to your lips?

Asked by the_overthinker (1527points) April 15th, 2012

Some people always seem to have chapped lips. I don’t think anyone actually takes notice of the amount of times they apply lip chap, or lip gloss… but I was just curious to see if I apply lip chap too often.

I think I apply and re-apply quite often throughout the day. After meals, or whenever I think it has gotten rubbed off somehow, or when it’s just dry. I don’t actually count though. When do you? I carry some sort of lip chap/gloss around with me in my bag, or backpack.

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I use lipstick. I apply it 2–3 times a day. One being before I go to bed. Sometimes I use vaseline instead of lipstick at night, just depends what is handy.

Chapstick users always seem addicted to me. I heard it is sort of addicting, I have no idea if that is true. Someone told me if you use it your lips stop producing oils that can be protective. If that is in anyway true, I assume it is true for lipgloss and lipstick also.

Licking your lips can dry them out. I figure people who replace lip products off, maybe they lick their lips? If I go to bed with lipstick on, I wake up with it on. My lipstick does not come off, unless I take it off pretty much. I do take it off before I eat.

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I use it daily over my lipstick. Have one in my car at all times. I don’t really need it, I’m not prone to chapped lips, but it feels good. :-) I’m also addicted to body sprays and I put about 2–3 inches in a spray bottle diluted with water and mist myself with scented water constantly, I dump it in my hot tub to scent the water and spray my sheets and curtains in my bedroom with it. I use it in my car too. lol

@JLeslie Don;t you get lipstick on your pillow? haha

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@Coloma Nope. Why, do you kiss your pillow at night? JK. I guess people who sleep on their stomach might risk lipstick on their pillows?

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@JLeslie Haha..well my face is mashed into my pillow as I am a belly and side sleeper.

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Just when I need it. Usually 2–5 times a day.
I end up wiping it off a lot, because my boyfriend hates it. Says it makes your lips feel greasy. Hah.

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I do not have lips.

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Not very often. Usually a two to three weeks out of the year. My lips chap mostly in winter (especially if I’m shovelling snow a lot and/or have cold/flu). At these times I use chap stick or Vaseline.

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Only when I go out somewhere. At home, it doesn’t bother me as much to have dry lips, sometimes I’ll just put some moisturising cream on them instead.

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Lips do not have sebaceous glands or sweat glands. In case you aren’t familiar with the former term, they are glands that create an oily/waxy substance like we find in our hair and on other body parts, except for the private bits. Sometimes lips need the assistance of a moisturizer in order to prevent them from becoming chapped. The main causes for chapped lips are cold weather and/or a lack of water in the body.

How often do I use it? Only while experiencing cold weather. Then it is a couple of times a day. There is nothing addictive about wearing a lip balm. It just becomes a habit for some to reapply it when the lips no longer feel slippery.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks for that info.

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I apply nightly a couple of times, and once in the AM. The rest of the day I wear lipstick.

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@Pied_Pfeffer, yup.. sounds like me!.. habit.

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I’m a habitual chain glosser, so usually several times a day.

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