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Cheap Fun?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) May 26th, 2008

I’m tired of sitting around the house when I actually have my free time. My b/f and our friends never have anything to do, but sit around and do nothing. We never have any ideas for stuff to do. Any ideas on what to do, thats not going to cost a lot of cash or any for that matter? (We live in NJ if that helps.)

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Playing board games such as Taboo and Cranium are always great fun with friends! It requires some money to buy the game, but after the initial investment, you can use it forever. Other game recommendations are Scene It (for whatever your favorite movie/tv show is), Guitar Hero, anything with the Wii etc (the latter two being much more expensive of course).

Take a class with friends together. It can remind you and help you relive fun times in college. The class can be anything from aerobics to learning some kind of martial arts or learning a new language. Learning is always easier when done with friends, it will be a constructive yet fun way of spending summer. And can you ever really know enough languages or just know too much in general?

Make everyone chip in for groceries and try to make meals from different ethnic cultures. Exploring different cuisines is always great fun for the mind and the stomach. Cooking with friends means more mess but lots more memories! This way, you get to explore a whole new culture (maybe have a theme for that day…for example if you are cooking Indian food one day, watch a Bollywood movie with your meal!) and the food will probably be a lot more authentic than the restaurants (get the recipe an indian site, keeping with the above example).

Those are just some ideas. I will try to come up with more later.

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build a cardboard fort! no matter what age you are, you can never go wrong with a cardboard fort!

or read “The Egypt Game” and try that out.

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Except for a bit of gas money, many great parks are free. Take a picnic or invite a bunch of friends to meet at a park and play softball or volleyball before the picnic.

Have you been to the Pine Barrens? You can swim. You can pick blueberries.

Check the weekend guide in the paper. In most areas, they have some free events with music or community showings of movies in the summer that are really cheap.

What about having a potluck and ask friends to come over for music, dancing, and everybody brings something.

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you could always play Extreme/Open Bocce!

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Picnics, walks, games (board games, computer games, imagination & conversation games), reading, exploring reference books together like atlases, encyclopedias, teaching each other (or learn together) foreign languages, new recipes.

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build a horseshoe pit and play shoes. you can build a ping pong table pretty cheap. get a dartboard.

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Find a local disc golf course and go play. Use this directory to find a course:

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