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What would be the purpose of stealing Tom Petty's guitars?

Asked by woodcutter (16284points) April 16th, 2012

What would they do with them? Sell them? Keep them to use? How would they unload them without implicating themselves? The guy doesn’t want to press charges. He just wants his things back no questions asked. If the thief does return them he’ll be forever known as a thief and a jerk.

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Probably wanted to sell them.

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I thought of that too. But what would be the selling point? It is a risky transaction with stolen items and the fact that they belong to a famous person would be the only thing that would give them value. The first time an owner bragged about them they would be in trouble. I’m sure there isn’t anything special about these instruments that anyone could not do too.

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He probably is a huge fan and thought they were valuable and wanted to keep them forever.

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I read that they’re from the 1960’s. There’s probably an underground market for these items, as there is for art. They’re probably pretty valuable and rare on their own, and then being owned by TP makes them more valuable.

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This is the same question behind many art thefts. Who is the market in this case? It’s probably the same type of “market” as that which exists (and truly does exist) for stolen art that is too well known to be displayed publicly.

Aside from that, at some point the statute on limitations will run out on the theft, and the things can be sold openly again. By that time questions of provenance will be unanswerable, and for that reason not asked.

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I seriously doubt if people who steal things like this really think it through. Let’s face it. If they had any business sense, they’d be making a legitimate living. They do this because they fantasy about a big haul and have no idea of the difficulty in unloading this kind of hot material.

They may not even have planned it, but just had an opportunity, and grabbed that opportunity without thinking. But even if they did plan it, I doubt if they were good at planning. Maybe they could plan the theft part.

There is a chance, though, that they had a client before the theft. They stole the guitars because some collecter who had no intention of ever letting anyone know he had them wanted them. He just wanted to keep them to himself and maybe play them a bit, because he’s a huge Petty fan.

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Besides, it’s only petit larceny, no matter how much they’re worth.

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@CWOTUS: I don’t understand.

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Yea they are classic instruments and T P has owned them a long time to be very attached to them. Hopefully someone would buy them to get them back to him

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Tom Petit. Tom Petty. Get it?

I’m LOLing.

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LOL of the day!

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