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What are some things you can only do for yourself?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) April 16th, 2012

I’m thinking about what it is that you and you alone can do, both in a pragmatic and philosophical sense. For example, you might say, you’re the only one who can put your pants on. You could say, you’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you. You could say we die alone.

I’m not asserting the above are true, just that they are examples of what someone might answer.

Anyway, what comes to your mind as something that you can only do on you own?

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When I was a kid, I had to load the fertilizer in the spreader all by myself. Those were 80 lb bags. I used to hate that big time. I weighed 100 pounds back then. Now I know why they did that.

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You are the only one who can really motivate yourself to make a life change. Until you really want to change, you won’t, no matter how many people tell you otherwise.

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You are the only person who knows what is really in your heart.
You are the only person who really knows what happens when you are alone.
You are the only person who can read your mind.
You are the only person who can drive you home alone.
You are the only person who knows when you are hungry or when your belly is full.

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You are the only one who can make you angry (or happy). You choose to be angry (or happy) or not, no one else can do it for you or to you.

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Well, you know…. Being there. For yourself. Wink wink?

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The first thing that came to my mind was similar to the thought @mangeons listed. My take on it was “You are the only one who can change your mind.” Others might provide you reason to change, but only the owner of the mind can change it.

Likewise, you are the only one who can decide whether or not to believe something.

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Accept help.

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you are the only one who knows where you itch….

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Best yet, @DrBill. So true, in many respects.

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I am the only one who really knows my body.

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Doctors know a lot about your body also (sly smile)

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@DrBill It was specifically doctors I was thinking of who sometimes ignore what I say about my body.

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Most doctors don’t listen, because they are too single-minded to listen

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@DrBill I am not sure what it is. I think it has to do with doctors look to information in books to answer a question, rather than hypothesize there might be a different something going on. It’s a double edged sword, because it is great we have people, doctors, who can learn all that medical information. But, when a person presents with unusual symptoms, or a lesser known problem, or does not quite fit into a diagnosis, too many doctors either still try to fit the square patient into the round diagnosis, and fail to use all that incredible knowledge they have to deduce some other possibilities. I know legal crap gets in the way.

For instance. I recentky was talking to a med student who is specializing in ID. He was telling me about chronic Lymes disease and how doctors are taking advantage of patients, giving them mega IV doses of antibiotics, because the disease, bacterium is no longer present. I asked if the patients get better. He didn’t know. I said, “well, if they are getting better, maybe there is a second infection not yet discovered.” He looked at me like I had said something amazing. Really? Why do doctors think everything is already understood or discovered? Medical science changes its mind all the time as we learn more.

I have a chronic condition, you can visibly observe the changes when I take certain antibiotics. It is not just how I feel, it is drastic how different the affected tissues look. Some doctors want to believe it is antiinflammatory properties of the antibiotics. Why? The more likely answer is it is killing something. Plus, the antibiotic that works for me is not known to have an antiinflammatory effect. Even those that supposedly do, I still think it is killing something. More and more we discover infection causes disease.

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Masturbate, because as soon as you do it for someone else, it’s not considered masturbation anymore. I was trying to come up with some deep philosophical answer, but this is the only thing that came to mind.

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Only you can choose to actually follow a particular diet or exercise system – I’m learning this myself lately – I can’t find anyone to blame but myself for sitting on my ass & not going to the gym or for eating biscuits & gravy or fast food rather than some significantly healthier choice.

And… Apparently, according to Smokey the Bear…. “Only You can prevent forest fires”.

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@Jenniehowell And who could argue with Smokey the Bear?

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Digest food.

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I am the only person who can understand what it’s like to be me.

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Be happy with who you are as a person, or should I say generate your own self-esteem. If your self-worth is mostly dependent upon what others feed you then this can potentially be a very dangerous emotional trap, as well as a mental health issue.

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