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Do you use expensive shampoos and conditioners?

Asked by rooeytoo (26966points) April 16th, 2012

The kind you buy at the beauty parlor? Or do you use the grocery store brands for a fraction of the price? Are the expensive ones really any better, do they make your hair nicer, healthier? I personally hate spending $30.00 at the hairdresser when I can buy a product that seems to perform the same for under $10 at the grocery store.

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Usually not. But I do use expensive styling products.

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I use grocery-store shampoo and no conditioner (because my hair is so short it doesn;t need any).

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No, the only products I use are the ones I have picked up free from the motels and hotels I and my husband have stayed in for many years.

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I use one of the more expensive grocery store shampoos because it’s organic and not tested on animals. But I’m sure the quality is similar to Suave (the cheapest shampoo/conditioner in the US), which served me well until I decided to switch to organic stuff.

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There is a difference between shampoos, even grocery store. It isn’t true that shampoo is shampoo.

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When I could afford to, I used Paul Mitchell lavender mint shampoo. Although it was not a miracle elixir, it did give my hair slightly more body than drugstore shampoos. But each person’s experience is different. If the drugstore shampoo works for you, then go for it!

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I buy my shampoo at the grocery or drug store. My hairdresser told me that there is really no difference in quality, and that I should find what I like and buy that.

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No. The biggest difference between a $17 bottle of shampoo and a $6 bottle of shampoo is $11. Only suckers fall for all those gimmicks – people who watch too much TV and are victims of all that marketing.

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I tend to buy whatever is on offer. It is very rare that I will use supermarket own brands though as I find they dry my hair out too much. I tend to use names like Aussie and at the moment I am using Tresemme which is usually too expensive for me but was on offer this week! Every so often I will use Matrix which is used in a lot of salons because my friend, who is also my hairdresser, let’s me pay her in installements!!! I like to change my shampoo regularly but Body Shop is probably my favourite place to get it.

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I like Herbal Essance in the orange bottles. I think it is to straighten hair? I actually need more volume, but my hair is dry and that one moisturizes well. It is very inexpensive, often on sale. I also use Pantene off and on. It leave residue on the hair, but makes it soft and moisturized. I use it two or three times a week when I have it in the house. In the salon Biolage is fantastic for my hair, but I am allergic it to it, like I am many lotions and potions that have natural plant ingredients.

Suave is terrible in my opinion. If I buy a shampoo and conditioner I don’t love, I use it up by using it only twice a week. From the drug store that isn’t a huge expense or waste to buy a shampoo or conditioner once or twice that you don’t like, even if you give it away to someone. From the salon, sometimes they have samples they can give you to try. Of course when they wash your hair you can ask to see if they can use a shampoo you are interested in. Sometimes you can bring a little bottle and they will dram a little out for you if it is open by the sinks already to use on clients.

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I use baby shampoo and Pantene conditioner/rinse. I don’t like all the expense and added fragrance with salon products. I think sticking with the basics is the best way to take care of your hair.

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A lot of it matters depending on the perskns hair. My husband has beautiful thick, wavy, soft hair, and he tends to be normal to lightly oily. My hair is fine, dry, and not much of it. I recently was in the hospital for a few days, could not brush my own hair. He now has stated he will never complain about how much I spend on shampoo or conditioner ever again, because he never could have imagined how tangled hair can get. People who don’t get easy tangles and knots have no idea. My husband can wash his hair with no condition and still comb through. It takes me forever to work out the knots, with some tearing going on still, if I don’t use conditioner. Even if we both have the same legnth hair,

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@JLeslie I don’t know how true this is but I have been told by a couple of hairdressers that Pantene doesn’t actually leave residue in the hair. It’s just a myth! I’ve googled it but can’t get a solid answer. I don’t tend to use Pantene but I love the smell of it. It reminds me of freshly ironed clothes!!!

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Nope. I buy liquid black soap (which I use on my face, body, and hair) and this conditioner online every few months. I mostly use water and olive oil to moisturize.
IMO those expensive hair products in salons are completely useless and a ripoff. You can get Suave for $.99, and it’ll do a better job with fewer chemicals. I actually buy it when I’m low on money.

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@Leanne1986 I would have to admit I don’t know for sure, but it does weigh my hair down over time. My husband loves it! He loves the smell and how it leaves his hair.

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Thank you everyone for your opinions. I pretty much agree that the expensive stuff really isn’t much different. I am using a product named Eleeve at the moment, it is nice. And I often use my favorite brand of dog shampoo and conditioner, Aloveen. I usually buy based on the scent, if it smells good to me, I buy it! I think I annoy store clerks and owners because I open everything and snifffffffff before I buy.

Lurve to you all.

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@rooeytoo I often buy based on smell too. I have never used my dog’s shampoo on myself but I have used Herbal Essences on them before now as I have found it is mild enough for their skin/coats. They smell lovely after!

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