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How get rid of moldy stench in old books?

Asked by speedman (6points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I have old musty books that are hard to read because of mildew smell-what will fox this?

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That will damage the book. This one seems a little scary to me, but if you are game, here it is:

To really get rid of the mold odor on books you have to get rid of the mold. Spraying any liquid on a book or paper is going to damage the surface. That is why you need to use a gas product. Unfortunatly most of the gas products are very toxic, and corrosive.

There is, however, a new product on the market that I have used that gets both mold and smoke odors out of books. Its called OdorXit CLO2 and it really works. The product is little packets with powder inside. When they are exposed to water vapor, they produce a gas called chlorine dioxide that actually kills the mold and the spores without harming the paper or leather cover.

I stood the books with the pages fluffed in an old school locker with the vents covered and a 5 gram packet in the top on the shelf and a very small fan running on low. In 2 days, the mold odor was gone and it didn’t come back. It really worked for me.

The site has other tips, but they say they damage the books.

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