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The Olympics are about to start up here in the UK? Does anyone really care?

Asked by ro_in_motion (2248points) April 17th, 2012

Ever since the LA Olympics, I increasingly view Olympics as a mega-corporate marketing spree and not an interesting or particularly compelling athletic event. It was a lot more interesting to me when there were a lot of true amateurs competing.

Today, it’s just a lot of pro athletes clocking in another day at work. Admittedly, the payday can be huge for the winners but I no longer identify with them.

In London, for example, MacDonalds (that doyen of healthy cuisine) is the only branded restaurant allowed inside the games. Likewise, Coke, the master fo corn syrup cavity drinks, is the only official soft drink allowed inside. Police will have the right to tape over any logos that are official sponsors – on attendees clothing no less.

I no longer experience ‘the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat’ in these modern games. Does anyone?

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I mildly care. Interested in watching the US Mens Olympic basketball team, the boxing team, maybe a little track and swimming. Don’t like the time zone hassles though.

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Oh, yes. I love the Oylimpics.

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I’ll pay a bit of attention in the paper. I won’t be watching TV. If something extraordinary happens, I’m sure I can watch it on Youtube. The only thing that is really interesting is gymnastics, but it’s not interesting enough to be “must-see” TV.

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I don’t seem to care very much either.

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The primary Olympic sport is women’s beach volleyball. All of the other stuff is just filler and I don’t care about.

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I have a business trip in London on the day of the opening ceremony. I managed to get a hotel room on the night before that was only three times the normal cost. But the place will be packed, I am really not looking forward to being there on that day.

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I love the Olympics. Swimming. diving.
some field events.

I do prefer winter games, but much in awe of the competitors who trains so hard with their entire being. Covering up spectator clothing because of logo is way too extreme.

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Well clearly millions do, me included, although i’m guessing the opening ceremony will be filled with cliches, men in bowler hats riding double decker buses & such like.
Bring on the sports, just don’t focus on the medal table too much.

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@ucme The Olympic Committee just recently invite Keith Moon of The Who to perform in the Closing Ceremony. If they get him, everyone on the planet will watch!

[For non-fans of The Who, Keith died some 30 years ago. Apparently the Committee isn’t as cool as they think they are.]

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I get a little crazy during two Olympic events. Badminton and the laughably named Rhythmic Gymnastics. Badminton because, although I’d lose, I think I could win a few points even though I’ve played the game about 20 times in my life. Rhythmic Gymnastics because, well, just look at it. I suppose if they added a third club and had juggling, I would watch for real. Instead, I watch with the sound turned off and provide my own commentary.

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This is going to sound odd, but I miss the equestrian events that used to be televised “back in the day.” I loved seeing how the horse and rider worked together to overcome obstacles. I was raised around horses, so that must have something to do with it.

I doubt I’ll watch much of the events or follow the medal count.

I did watch quite a bit of the swimming and diving from Beijing 4 years ago. That was exciting. I watched some of the gymnastics, too.

I’m not sure why I’m so indifferent to it this time. Hm. That gives me something to think about.

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If there will be no curling then I’m not remotely interested. So, no summer games at my place.

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@woodcutter The athleticism of sweeping.

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@ro_in_motion But it’s skillful sweeping, and yelling…ho yeah!

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@woodcutter O! We’re onto something here! Imagine a decathlon of stupid Olympic sports: Curling, Badminton, rhythmic gymnastics … those are my first three candidates.

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I love the Olympics, I guess we all see what we want to see.

I see people who have set a goal and trained to be one of the top 30 or 40 people in the world at something they really enjoy. How many people can really say they’re that good at anything? The big names may be getting a pay day, but most of the people there are just thrilled to be there and it’s one of the highlights of their lives. After that they can always say they competed in the 2012 Olympics and almost anywhere in the world people would recognize they were really good at something at that point in their lives.

I watch the events I can appreciate and enjoy, mostly things I’ve tried and realize how impossibly hard that level of performance must be to attain, or some of that just leave me in awe. Have you ever timed yourself running 100 meters? It’s crazy.

The commercials get old, but the commercials pay the bills so I can watch events unfold rather than just reading the results the next day. They can borrow my eyeballs for a few minutes as long as you show me the good stuff when you’re done.

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@funkdaddy One wonderful thing about watching it in the UK. It’s on BBC so no commercials! :)

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@ro_in_motion – Nice!

Although state run TV is for socialists of course, and we couldn’t have that (or the appearance of “that” anyway)... ~~

Maybe if we said it would boost “patriotism”?

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@Hawaii_Jake I love the equestrian events too, and I’m pretty sure they will be televised here.

There won’t be curling though. That’s in the winter games.

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