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Can we compile a short list? Issues Mitt Romney has only taken one side on.

Asked by ETpro (34550points) April 17th, 2012

This shouldn’t take long. What core principles regarding politics has Mitt Romney consistently held to? Are there any? I’m not talking about his Mormon faith, or his love for wife and family, and supporting motherhood and apple pie. What political and national policy issues has he been consistent in supporting?

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He was consistent about John Kerry being a flip-flopper in 2004.

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This is a hard question and I doubt that anyone. even Romney, can answer it.

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Romney thought he had one but then changed his mind.

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Private equity invested in private equity firms is very good for owners of private equity firms.

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I kept this in my @questions for you” box all day and thought it was funny that there were only 4 responses.

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I’m not sure he has, to tell the truth. Our humorists have noticed, too:

A conservative, a moderate and a liberal walk into a bar.
The bartender says, “Hi Mitt!”

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@johnpowell That’s one. And he’s consistently said that President Obama is a flip-flopper who is out of touch with the average American. Just a wee bit of projecting going on there.

@Ron_C Ha! Great answer.

@ro_in_motion Perfect!

@LuckyGuy I think that’s one conviction he actually holds in his heart of hearts.

@Judi Story of my life. Full of questions that have no answers. :-)

@johnpowell That’s priceless! Thanks be for Jon Stewart.

@AngryWhiteMale Ha! I hadn’t heard that one.

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I think I have one: “Obamacare is bad even if it is exactly like Romneycare”. Romney care is only good in Mass. and only while Romney is Governor. After that Romney care reverts to Obamacare which is bad.

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ROFL!!! ^^^^^

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@Ron_C & @Dutchess_III BOING!!! Cognitive Dissonance strikes.

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@ETpro, happy to entertain. ;-)

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