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What would you do if you got ahold of this woman (details inside)

Asked by Jude (32152points) April 17th, 2012

link (warning: story is about animal abuse).

For me, a good a punch at her face would work.

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Disgusting. I have not walked into Petland’s doors for years because of stuff like this.

I honestly do not know what I would do if I met this person. I would be so upset that ..just ..I don’t know.

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She obviously has mental issues.

I’d turn her over to the police for mental evaluation, trial, and an appropriate punishment.

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What could I do to a sociopath that would make them understand what they did was cruel? But if I was a judge in the case, I would give her and her manager the stiffest penalty the law allows.
And an extreme fine to Petland. High enough where they will feel they have to give instruction to their people on pet care and let them know that they will bring charges to any employee caught mistreating an animal.
People who hate animals shouldn’t work in these stores.
But if toilet swirlies was a way to make her understand than she would get alot of those at a nasty local gas station toilet.

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Yep, she’s a certified mental case so all that can be done is to find a way to keep her from ever working or keeping animals in the future. Sad but as @Pandora said, there is nothing that can be done to create a conscience and promote empathy is a disturbed personality. Just sad.

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On a par with that miserable excuse of a human being who was tossing puppies into a river.

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If I read it, it’s going to really upset me. Can someone just tell me (like in 25 words or less) what she did?

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@jca I didn’t read it… I saw the picture and the captions. Plus, I had heard of this story when it happened a few years ago.

Some Petland employee drowned two rabbits while working; and posed for a picture holding the soaked dead rabbits by their scruff, whilst smiling creepily.

Since then, the store has been closed and the person charged with cruelty to animals.

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I second the above suggested punishments; purple locks are just cruel.

Although I am sure she punished herself pretty much by posting it on Facebook, and I am aware that such methods are inhumane, I suggest a small portion of waterboarding (or maybe scare her with it).

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What were they thinking?

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Oh gawd, that is just ghastly. I hope with all of my heart that she is never left unsupervised with any small living creature (including human!) again.

Honestly, that is just incomprehensible to me. It terrifies me that there are people with no conscience whatsoever walking among us. I can’t think about it too much.

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I didn’t open the link, I was afraid to. (thanks @Jude for the warning)
From @Plucky ‘s description, I would say that she could be charged with cruelty to animals and can be sentenced and punished. Also those people are usually prohibited from owning animals.
What would I personally do to her? I’d say kick her in the balls if she had any.

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You know what’s upsetting? They say these people will be unable to own animals, but who polices that? Who supervises that the woman (or whomever) will not be owning animals? What says if there’s an animal in her house, she can’t say it belongs to someone else? It’s sad and upsetting. I see articles coming out of NYC sometimes about people who throw others’ pets off the roofs and stuff like that – it’s so sick but it’s probably done more than it’s reported.

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Remove her ovaries (surgically) but no putting her under. In fact, pump her with adrenaline during the surgery.

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@King Pariah ooooo likin’ the non-anesthetized surgery idea. Yeah, although she’d probably like it.
I’ve been known to almost ditch my car to avoid hitting an animal. And bunnies are so cute. I simply don’t understand behavior like that.

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@King_Pariah Ouch. (Grimace.)
If I met her, I’d feel very sorry for her pathetic mind and sick behaviour, and turn her into the authorities. Insisting that she be put in an asylum and treated.

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Can’t read it. Animal abusers belong in jail.

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It’s my guess that the manager told her to do the dirty because the bunnies were not saleable.
About all I could do would be vomit.
I’d like to get hold of the friggin’ manager who took the picture.

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This sucks. But what freaks me out the most, from what I can gather of what is said in the article, is that the cruel life the rabbits had before being killed, was okayed by the store manager, or so I’d have to assume. (since he also took the picture) This bitch is a bitch, and needs help, but it’s much more frightening that her actions were approved by the manager. A professional who works in the pet department and allows this. Yay. At the very goddamn least, don’t they have quick and painless ways to kill animals in pet stores? Like Euthanasia or something? Not that I’d like that either…but it is NOT necessary to make em fight and drown them, then make a show of it. And anyways, how the damn hell do you expect your poor rabbits to sell if they’re missing eyeballs and are all fucked up?? :(
This isn’t the first horror story I hear about pet shops. (or pet food places, for that matter) I’ve heard quite a few…although most are about bad conditions for the animal. I’ve never actually heard of staff making animals fight one another. Although I’m not really surprised. You’re right Jude, a nice punch in the face…but much worse should be reserved for the people who have the power to prevent it, but don’t, and actually encourage it, like this manager apparently did. Fuckin assbaskets, the lot of em.

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The fact that injured pets are euthanized is more or less a direct result of people buying pets. People want cute, healthy, young pets. All others end up dead one way or another.

Petland claimed to have a policy against euthanasia. Everyone in the pet industry knows that’s BS. If a pet store doesn’t get rid of defective stock, they will eventually have no room for salable animals. Someone has to do it. Everyone who works for or frequents a pet shop contributes to the problem.

Obviously, Elizabeth Carlisle posing with dead animals is warped. And her posting on Facebook is warped and stupid. But had she not posed, or had she not drowned them, these two rabbits were going to die.

I’m not entirely convinced that she did the deed by the way. I can’t tell if the rabbits in the picture are dead. I certainly can’t see in the picture that she drowned them. The punishment she got in the plea deal – a $250 fine and 120 hours of community service – might have been minimal enough that she chose it over a possible conviction and prison time. I sure would.

And the manager – there’s a piece of work – if she actually took the picture, she had to know she was at least putting her job on the line.

What’s my point? If you don’t want animals put down because they don’t meet standards, don’t buy them even if they do.

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