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African Parent need to ask questions for class paper?

Asked by slopolk (199points) April 17th, 2012

I am suppose to find out from an African parent 1) What are your hopes and concerns (current or future)? 2) How do you purchase food, goods, and entertainment? You can remain anonymous and your responce is greatly appreciated. Needed by Wenesday.

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You truly mean you are collecting information from someone from Africa and NOT an African-American (born in the US), is that correct?

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since it is a world culture class im assumming that it means a native African parent, but at this point i will take anything and if its not right, oh! well, I’ll just have to take my chances. lol

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It should be possible, by research and inquiry, to find the African population in your state/city/town and take it from there. On the other hand the assignment sounds rather vague. But if it is intended to mean someone from Africa, resident in the U.S. you could try googling “African parents.” as in this. Try “African parenting” for this one

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@slopolk You might try searching for a parenting chat room or social media site in Africa as well. Most South Africans will be able to converse in English. A fair number of educated Africans across the continent speak English as well. I am guessing that what will emerge is that their hopes for their children are not that different from ours. That may be the whole point of this assignment.

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Are you expected to approach a random stranger who is of African ancestry and ask them personal questions? This is a highly irresponsible assignment if that is a correct understanding of what you are supposed to do. That could be dangerous. You should not approach strangers to interview them without training.

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I am suppose to research a native African parent, and find out what hopes and concerns they have (maybe oppose to an American parent) and how they shop for food, goods and entertainment. I’ve don’t have to interview anyone face to face and I don’t need any personal information from them, such as anything which identifies who they are except for the part of Africa, which they are from. Completely harmless, no danger, and not irresponsible. FYI, I am a Criminal Justice student working on my BA, not a high school student, and I understand your concern if the assignment required me to approach the research as you may have thought. Thank you for your concern:)

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@slopolk‘s idea sounds a good one: try to find a parenting chat room or social media site in Africa. Good luck.

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You might want to try the popular Nigerian parenting blogs but I can answer your questions here too.

I don’t have any children though. I’m a 23 year old Nigerian living in Nigeria.

What are my concerns for the future?

Security – I’m worried about the Islamist terrorist group that is gaining power in my country and there are bombs going off every other day.

Neo-colonialism – All of a sudden there are Chinese people EVERYWHERE in my country and noone knows how they just appeared here. A lot of them are here illegally and they treat their Nigerian employees like animals (locking them in cages and beating them and so on). They keep getting deported but they keep reappearing.

2. How do I purchase food, goods and entertainment?

In Nigeria we purchase food from open air markets and from supermarkets. We don’t have grocery stores that sell vegetables and stuff because those are sold in the open air markets where we can buy directly from farmers.

You can also get fast food from different fast food places.

Every Nigerian household does this, from the poorest people to the wealthiest people in the country.

Goods are purchased in shops, retail stores, or directly from individual sellers depending on what you’re buying.

Most Nigerians have a good personal tailor who sews their clothes. When we buy western style clothes we buy from retail stores that specialise in western clothing. Some of us (e.g. me, travel to the USA or the UK once or twice a year to go shopping – but that’s usually upper middle class and above people)

For entertainment we go watch movies at the cinema or at the mall. There aren’t very many malls but in the two capitals (Lagos and Abuja) there are lots.

I hope this helps.

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