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Is it okay to wear socks that do not match?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) April 17th, 2012

This is an off-the-wall question for me, but there is a reason behind it.

We have had our Great Pyrenese for eight months. She weighes 80 pounds and is still a puppy. We have given her all types of toys to play with, but her favorites are our socks, especially those that are warm right out of the dryer. She grabs a mouthful of socks and takes off running. The majority of our good socks now have holes in them. There is not a decent pair of matching socks in our house.

Question: so, is wearing an unmatched set of socks okay, until we can afford to buy new matching sets again?

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It’s definitely not ok.


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Yeah, perfectly fine.
I do it all the time myself.
I even sometimes wear two lefts or two rights.

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Mismatching socks are not cool.

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Sure! As long as nobody notices your mismatched socks!

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Yes. There are companies that sell mis-matched socks (they’re cozy!).

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No. I tried it once to see what would happen. The freaking feds came through every opening of my apartment. I was lucky enough to strike a bargain with them if I outed other mismatched sock wearers.

I still feel guilty for ratting them out but I couldn’t go to jail over something so ridiculous. Feels bad, man.

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As long as you don’t wear them with short trousers it is fine.

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Yes, don’t worry it’s perfectly fine.

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Go for it John!

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Wait, just a minute, aren’t you barefoot, most of the time?

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No, it is most definitley not okay. In fact, it is an atrocious act which I have never partaken in, in my whole entire life.
Good day to you Sir.

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@MilkyWay Did you say Good Day?

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It only matters if you are at work and someone notices.

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If anyone looks surprised I just say they are not that unusual I have an identical pair at home.

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Plain and dark, who’d notice?
I used to in my trendy days wear mismatched socks deliberately [same type but different colors].
I used same answer as @flutherother above

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Sure. Pippi Langstrumpf did.

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Yes, of course it is.

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Don’t you know the response when someone catches you wearing one blue and one red sock, and says “That’s weird!”?

You say, “It’s not weird at all! I have another pair just like them at home.”

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I figured that wearing mismatched sock with police boots would be okay, since no one see them anyway. Yes, I do go barefoot most of the time, since I retired. I guess this would be okay, as long as they are no exposed to the public.

Anyway, I will be visiting Dollar General Stores soon and I hope to eliminate this problem.

Thanks all, for the answers.

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It must be ok. The homeless guy I pass in the subway station never has matching socks.

And if you’re buying socks for a dollar, you’re getting socks that aren’t even worth a buck.

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If some one comments about it and it bothers you, just tell them it’s all the rage in name a city far enough away or, tell them you’ve waited a long time to be able to be free enough to mismatch if you want to. It really is no one’s business but your own.

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According to officials is it not OK.

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@ragingloli Pippi’s were long and stripey, but they always matched.

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It doesn’t matter if they are the same color, as long as they are the same thickness. If you wear one thick sock, and one thin, you’ll walk in circles all day.

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It’s certainly all right with me!

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Life is too short to worry about such silliness.

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Why not? Is there some kinda law against wearing mixed socks? That said…

She grabs a mouthful of socks and takes off running.

That’s the cutest thing ever. ^^

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I’m too busy looking at your boobs to notice your socks.

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I don’t think John has boobs.

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johnpowell Have you been looking at Pippi’s boobs??? She’s just a girl…jeez

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We went through the same thing with our pup so if anyone asks, you have a completely believable story. I only have one kind of socks so I’m covered. That’s how you trick a dog, ha.

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Speaking of unorthodox footwear, try riverdancing in a pair of flip-flops, it’s just so awkward.

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Sure it’s fine.

I deal with this dilemma by only ever buying plain black socks. They may not match exactly but they’re close enough.

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I actually make effort to NOT match my socks rather often.

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Ill tell you how I solve this problem. I only wear boots for most of the fall/winter so my socks don’t show. Then I only wear sandals for most of the summer so I don’t need socks. Then I only have to match socks on special dressy occasions, when going to a Japanese person’s home, traveling by plane, going to the doctor’s or on the rare instances when I wear pumps with a dress. Those are my rules. I don’t suppose you wear pumps with a dress too often, do you John? Or do I assume too much?

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Oh, silly me, I meant pants with pumps, not dresses, nevermind, John. who wears socks with dresses, not me!

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@Earthgirl – it did make for an interesting mental image, your socks with pumps and a dress!

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Tee hee @rooeytoo, that’s what made me lurve her post.

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@Earthgirl Alice from Alice in Wonderland does, but not with pumps

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How do you determine if the socks don’t match? Have you asked them some questions and they don’t give a matching answer? Are they different in colour? one red, one blue perhaps. Which sock is the offending colour? Is it the blue sock or the red sock. How do others come to their opinions about something so trivial as to decide how one should wear socks.

Just some of my thoughts. However, is it okay to wear socks that do not match?

If you feel comfortable in socks that don’t match wear them. If you are worried what others will think then you may have two routes.

A) Wear the socks and see for yourself the reaction of others and come to your own conclusion.
B) Don’t wear the socks.

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This is one of the silliest questions I’ve seen in my five years on Fluther.

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It is encouraged for those in the effort to be unique.

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@ragingloli correction accepted. :-P

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Yes, it’s ok. Just make sure that you wear some type of pants/jeans that are long enough to cover to the top of your shoe.

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I think you should get rid of the shoe idea all together.

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Only if you are school girl and it is your fashion statement or if you are very old and people are surprised that you managed to dress yourself.

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