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Do you ever feel electromagnetic energy from the universe, metaphysically?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) April 17th, 2012

I’m a sensitive person, I feel energy in rocks, and people and this week has been intense, in general. I wondered if there others in fluther, that can feel this transition in the earth.

I’ve had some spiritual growth and breakthroughs this week. Got rid of 50 years of emotional abuse. for the most part. found my self-worth.

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No, I do not. Electromagnetic energy is physical, not metaphysical.

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if it’s physical, then why dont you feel it?

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I can usually feel energy in anything that is natural (not man made). I don’t find it to be spiritual, but more of a connection to the Earth. I like to think of it as my special, unique way of communicating with Mother Nature. I can’t physically feel it, it’s more a feeling inside me somewhere, like an vibration all throughout my body. This feeling is more intense when I’m physically touching the object, but sometimes it’s so strong I don’t have to be touching it to feel it. I think it’s pretty amazing and awesome!

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I do not fell it ‘metaphysically’, because that would be nonsense.
Physically, I feel it every day. It is called electromagnetic radiation in form of light and heat.

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I find this metaphysical topic to be very interesting. Lots of people like to call it silly but from what I’ve learned gathering information for a while is that this ‘energy’ is just electromagnetic energy vibrating at a very high frequency.

This reminds me of a man named Cleve Backster who tried to prove that our brains emit and receive energy to one another (including animals and plants).

He would connect several different plants in a room to polygraphs and see their reactions to different events that would happen in a room. For example when fish or small animals were killed by poison the plants would have a very big reaction that was shown by the polygraph. Backster even claims that people who would experience pain (such as getting a paper cut) in the room, the plants would feel it too. He even claims that when he had people who decided to have a strong intention to burn the plant it would have a very strong reaction that was show on the polygraph. All this with no physical contact to these plants in the room.

Sorry that I’m rambling on but i thought it was interesting. Kind of makes you feel like were all connected in a higher way, and that our minds, thoughts, and emotions are connected to our reality in a very big way.

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