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Have you learned anything interesting lately from watching a YouTube video, something you might not normally have learned otherwise?

Asked by FutureMemory (24496points) April 18th, 2012

For example, I had no idea horses could be playful animals. I recently stumbled across this amazing video of a horse playing with a dog, and it changed my whole outlook on them. I always thought they were kind of boring, dull animals. Sure, they’re beautiful creatures, but…I just didn’t think they had much in the personality department.

Have you similarly learned anything interesting lately from a YouTube video?

Obviously I’m not looking for standard instructional videos, or news clips. I’m talking about videos that were not made for informational purposes, but for you turned out to be very enlightening. :)

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The series (there are seven or eight in all) of Tsunami videos taken by vacationers in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and other areas in the immediate vicinity and put together in a documentary format.

I learned that if I am on vacation at the beach and the tide goes WAAAAAAY out that I do NOT need to investigate, but rather run like Hell in the opposite direction!

The first video is here and when each finishes you can select the next (it picks up right where the last one left off).

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I recently youtubed a lot for my Alaska trip coming up. Video of some of the ship excursions saved me some money, helped me decide what to skip. And, video of some of the towns I am going to. I also saw a video of the ship I will be on, which made me more comfortable, because old videos the ship looked a little worn, but I knew it had been updated a couple years ago, and indeed it now looks much better.

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Hopefully a mod will fix my typo soon.

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Last night I used YouTube to get me passed a tough Angry Birds level. ;)

In the past, I’ve used YouTube to help me with “how-to’s” for my home plumbing/DIY issues

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Music can have a quickening effect on the elderly

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Mating rituals of various animals.

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