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Is there a controversial topic or issue that you're apathetic about?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) April 18th, 2012

I don’t care much about illegal immigration either way.

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Probably lots of them, but I’m too apathetic to list them.

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I don’t care much about illegal immigration either.

I also never cared about the Occupy movement, but I guess that’s old news now :P

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Elections in general. I couldn’t care less about the presidential election. I don’t vote, I don’t research topics or candidates. I don’t care. It’s a waste of my time.

Illegal immigration seems like there are two sides to the story. (If it were one sided, it wouldn’t be a problem by now.)

Abortion: Only an issue because the lowest common denominator of Americans can voice an opinion on it. I don’t care.

AIDS, Don’t think about it much. Probably would go away for the most part if everyone practiced good health habits. It’s almost completely self induced.

American foreign policy. Probably dictated by the big boys and their interests.

Burning the flag. I can see how some people could get upset over it but, even though I don’t particularly care to see someone burning a flag (any flag), I don’t get too worked up about it. Life is too short to get that worked up about any issue that would cause them to burn a flag. (Doesn’t really compare to the self-immolation nut cases, does it?)

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@syz Now you’re just being lazy. :/

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Most of them. Because most of them are just diversions so that people won’t think too much about the stuff that they should really be worried about.

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Beastiality. If that’s how some people get their kicks, good for them. As long as no animals were harmed in the procurement of thrills and spills – i.e. orifices must be big enough, as I’m pretty sure animals don’t care either way.

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The environment. I believe in global warming and climate change, but I’m not really driven to give a crap about waste.

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Animal rights. Many of them are cute, and cuddly. But still. I mean most of us still EAT them.

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Not that I can think of. Reading these responses is surprising…

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Politics, dysfunctional relationship issues, ( yawn ) militant PC protocol, and at risk of being tossed to the lions,...on second thought…nope, not sayin’ it. lol

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@Coloma No one is going to hurt you. Not with these biceps on Fluther…...

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Sports, although it is sort of fascinating how people get obsessed over a particular sport and team/player.

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I’ll third illegal immigration. I can see both sides of the argument and it’s a wash for me.

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I agree with @Pied_Pfeffer on sports.

I also agree with @Coloma about dysfunctional relationships. For that matter I don’t care to hear about how fantastic some actor’s relationship is with his/her spouse. Boring.

Illegal immigration I am not apathetic, but I am tired of the arguments and it would not be any type of deciding factor for me when voting. I don’t think anyone is going to do much to change things regarding immigration anyway, so it is wasted breath and time for the most part. I would prefer we give people legal status.

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Pretty much everything. I might have a knee-jerk reaction to hearing some piece of news, but I never care enough to go protest or join a website or put a bumper sticker on my car.

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@Blackberry You’d throw yourself into the lions den for little ol’ me? I’m honored. ;-)

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Another is “local” crime. Most of the time I could care less about the local news. I live near Memphis, for sure there was some gun related crime in the past two days. It’s the same all the time, so I am fairly apathetic. I wish it were different, but apathetic. It would have to be some sort of serial crimes being done within a 3 miles of my house for me to perk my ears up.

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Well, I think the word “apathetic” doesn’t really apply for me. Apathy denotes some sort of internal deadness, I am very much a compassionate and aware person, but I don’t like to call my disinterest apathy. It is more along the lines of accepting that the world is what it is and shit happens, being healthily detatched is not the same as apathy IMO.

We can’t save the world, we can only do our own little part however that manifests.

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Republican primaries
Trayvon Martin
Kony 2012 (What Uganda do about it?)
The environment
everything else

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Oh, Repubican primaries is good. I barely tuned in until the last few weeks.

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Illegal Immigration, Kim Kardashian and the rest of hollywoods “rich and Famous nobody’s, Sports, the military, Religion, the war on drugs, politics of any kind and the list continues…

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Throttling noisy neighbours, i’m all for it.

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Marijuana legalization is not one of my top priorities, although sometimes it feels as though this is the issue for my age demographic. Which is all kinds of depressing to me as I have far more important things to care about such as human rights and equality.

It’s not so much that I am apathetic regarding illegal immigration as I do not really have a solution regarding it that will satisfy all parties. It’s not emotionally charging for me (though it is a really big issue for many of the people in my communities) so I tend to duck out of those debates.

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Politics. They all lie. Every last one of them. It’s all out of whack and exhausting. the argue and nothing gets done.

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New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry. Don’t really care about either team.

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I can’t really think of anything I’m apathetic about. This probably explains some of my personal craziness…

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Other people’s religious beliefs.

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I really can’t think of anything. I’m much too empathetic to be apathetic.

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I can’t get worked up about the rights of plants other than trees in our forests.

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I’m actually a pretty left wing/PC guy (check out my Political Compass result in my avatar), but I often roll my eyes and say to myself “jesus, who gives a shit” when it comes to sexual/gender identity terminology.
I’ll never use ze, or cis, even if you put a gun to my head I just couldn’t make myself do it. And how many letters is the “LGBTQ” thing going to end up having? I’m half expecting it to eventually have every letter of the alphabet. LGBTQACDEFHIJ…

By the way, a hearty “FU” to anyone that assumes this means I don’t support everyone’s right to self-determintation. Thanks :)

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I’m stumped. I can’t come up with anything. I’ve been in arguments about how to make an apple pie that have nearly destroyed friendships. I’m serious.

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@tom_g, how do you think one makes apple pie? I agree, it’s serious business.

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@Qingu – Well, for starters, lemon has no business in any discussion about apple pie. If a recipe requires you to add lemon to the apple mix, ignore the recipe and do everything in your power to make sure the author never publishes another recipe.

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@tom_g, but how do you prevent the apples from turning mushy? The acid strengthens pectin in the apples. I don’t want super-sturdy apples in my pie, but they should have some texture, especially if they’re sliced very thin. Do you use another acid like cider vinegar, or are you content with a mushy disgusting mess of applesauce in your goddamn pie?

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@Qingu: _“but how do you prevent the apples from turning mushy?”

I’d rather have mushy apples than crispy. More often than not, we’re dealing with undercooked apples.

@Qingu: “Do you use another acid like cider vinegar, or are you content with a mushy disgusting mess of applesauce in your goddamn pie?”

I’m would be content with a disgusting mess of applesauce – but that never happens. Lemon in pies is the approach of the unwashed masses, blindly adding their lemon and attributing the texture of their apples to it. Oh, and it’s related to fascism in some way…

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Whatever, Hitler. And I don’t use lemon anyway, I use lime. What’s your stance on thickeners? I think people who put cornstarch or flour or anything in their fall fruit pies are slime. The one exception is crumbled gingersnaps in a pear pie.

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@Qingu – Well, let’s just agree that you’re wrong here so we can move on, you piece of scum.

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@Qingu and @tom_g you both are evil bigots. Everyone knows that you have to invent the universe before you can make apple pie. Carl Sagan (pbuh) said so.

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Have you ever TRIED an apple pie without a gloppy thickener? It’s revelatory. You probably don’t have the skill to make one though

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Each one that doesn’t affect me…

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Are there some issues or subjects that I’m more interested in than others? Clearly yes. However I can’t say that there is anything I’m entirely apethetic about, at least as far as I’m aware. I can turn almost anything into an argument, even the most simple things.

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Sports, mostly. I suspect that people frenzy over them because there is too much emotional involvement, somehow.

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@augustlan Ditto about Tom_g and Qingu.

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