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What percentage of men are abusive physically or sexually?

Asked by JLeslie (60494points) April 18th, 2012

We hear statistics on what percentage of women are in abusive relationships, and how many have been sexually assaulted, but I am not able to find statistics on what percentage of men are committing these crimes. Is it 3% of men? 15% of men? I have no idea.

It would be similar to the statistic that over 50% of retail theft is done by employees, but it is only a small percentage of employees who actually steal.

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This link explains most batterers over estimation of battering behaviors. Not quite what you have in mind maybe but, ties in.

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“7.9 percent forced their partner to have sex involuntarily.”

“11.9 percent had thrown something with the intent of hurting a partner.”

National Institute of Justice Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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I think the statistics for emotional abuse would be much higher if they could be accurately measured. Although that one is a two way street.. I’d wager that there are a lot of husbands that are emotionally abusive (some, perhaps, without even realizing it)

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Not matter what the actual percentage may be deed accurate, the rate is far too high and none of us should stand by quietly and fail to take effective action to stop or prevent it.

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The percentage that grows up in a fatherless home, along with other contributing factors.

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@717richboy Are you saying that any male, growing up in a fatherless home, is more likely to abuse others? I’m confused at your correlation.

I think many (not all) sons learn that abuse from their father/parent(s).

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@Plucky I think that @717richboy is saying that it’s boys who grow up without good paternal role models.

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I think a bad paternal role model is worse that none at all.don’t ask how I know this.

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@woodcutter That’s why I specified good role models.

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