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Where in the world would you like to be right now, and what is it about that place that draws you to it?

Asked by harple (10441points) April 18th, 2012

Today, in the middle of a lesson I was teaching, I suddenly had a deep yearning to be sitting outside an American coffee shop. Not a British one; very specifically an American one. (I guess, to be even more specific, one in the South – ie Florida or Texas.)

The air tastes different there to here; the coffee tastes sweeter; people move at a different pace; people talk in a different way (of course); the air’s warmer; the humidity’s different; the whole experience is just entirely different to how it is in the UK.

Where in the world would you like to be right now, and what is it about that place that draws you to it?

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In a bed, because I’m tired.

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I’ve been missing New Orleans lately.

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On the back of this atv again, up North with my girlfriend.

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I too would like to be in bed….......because i’m a horny bugger! (Nsfw)

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Big Beach on Maui, on a towel with snorkel gear next to me. Get me the fuck out of my office today, not a good day at all..

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I’d like to be in Wales in Denbighshire and have it be last July 2 because my whole family was there and intact still then.

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On top of half dome with my legs dangling over the edge, breathing in the pine-filled air and looking out over a beauty that has all but been extinguished in many other parts of the world.

I’m drawn to any outdoorsy place like this. There’s something about the peacefulness of nature that resonates with me.

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Florida. Florida at my MIL’s community pool.

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You have put the thought in my mind. Sitting outside a cafe in the Deep South with the sky a perfect blue, not a breath of wind stirring and not a hint of coolness in the air and that lovely sense of being far away and things being different and not having to do anything in particular.

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The place I am now is awesome. They actually give me money to be here!

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I love Ireland. I would like to be there.

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I want to go back to New Zealand. I had friends there and a job and felt useful and worthwhile.

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I would like to be in NYC, particularly in SoHo or Brooklyn Heights.
Or in a cafe in Paris. I miss Paris…

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With him because he’s there.

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London before the Olympics make it a madhouse. I love the museums; I love the custom of tea.

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I would be in 1990, at bed time, cuddled up in bed with my kids, age 3 & 5, and I would be reading them the longest book I could find. I wouldn’t skip words or whole phrases. Then I’d sing the longest songs I knew instead of trying to get away with really short ones. I would read and sing until they fell asleep, then I would lay down with them and put my arms around them and fall asleep too.

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i can wait . . .

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If I wasn’t sick (cold/flu), I’d love to be camping with my partner and my dog. Somewhere in the woods but warm ..and with a lake to swim in (one with a small sandy beach). I just love camping ..I love the fire and nature. I feel at peace.

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A grave.

A familiar face.

A small child.

Another small child.
Another familiar face.

Fife, Washington.
A childhood.

Band Practice.

The beach.

A hug.

Anywhere but here.

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@AshLeigh Hey…don’t be in such a rush to get away. Some day “here” will be added to your list. Don’t miss out on the reasons why.

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@Dutchess_III don’t get me wrong. I love it here, but sometimes you need a break from your yard. :)

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It’ll be on your list, Dear! BTW..where is “here?” You in Kansas too, Toto?

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@Dutchess_III “here” is Alaska. :)

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“Where someone loves me best of all” as Max was.

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A wellness resort in some tropical place.

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