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If you knew you were going to die, and were going to be allowed to choose one other state or one other country to visit first, which would you visit and why?

Asked by jca (36054points) April 18th, 2012

If you knew you were going to die and were going to be allowed to visit one other state or one other country first, which would you visit and why?

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I wouldn’t mind visiting Hawaii since I’ve never been there before and I’ve heard it is very beautiful. I think it would be quite satisfying and peaceful to see a beautiful place on my way to the hereafter.

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Tierra del Fuego – it is a long walk from here.

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Italy – haven’t gone yet and it’s on the top of the list.

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Texas – there’s someone there I need to see again before I die.

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Italy. I haven’t been there yet.

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Greece, because of its incredible history and the blue Aegean.

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The Vale of Mowbray North Yorkshire. It is the setting of the James Herriot books I read when I was very young and the books I read to my young children. The thought of it makes my imagination engage.

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Madagascar. I’d like to see a baobao trees, lemurs, and other flora and fauna that live only there.

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My homestate so I could see my family before I died.

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I would be torn between a visit to Israel and a visit to Montreal where my parents still live. I suppose I could arrange a stopover in Montreal on my way to Israel.

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Probably Tanzania because it is one of the oldest known inhabited areas on Earth; and the rich arts/culture would be awesome to see. I also love the African elephant ..there are also lions and zebras… Oh my!

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I’d visit Bordeaux, France, where my grandma lives. Not because I’d want to go sightseeing, but because I’d want to see my grandma lol. Although that may be depressing for her.
Otherwise I’d go to Norway.

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Northern India/Southern Nepal – I have always wanted to see the Himalayas with my own eyes.

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Far North where I could see the Northern Lights as that would just about be a spectacular way to go.

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I’m torn between Alaska and Ireland. Either way, I would go with my ex-husband.

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