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Is anyone else waiting for the new Jetta TDI Blue to come out?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) May 26th, 2008

It is suppose to get really good gas mileage like around 50/60 and the engine is suppose to be a lot quieter as well.

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I am! Although it’s technically not part of the BlueTec line (that line of autos use a Urea-injected system to process the particulate emissions-this one doesn’t), it is a PZEV-certified vehicle, with great mileage and supposedly very quiet. Also high torque (236-ft. lbs. I think)...if only they put this in the new Tiguan…

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yes high torque, and ya i sat in a Tiguan today. Seems to me like its a Nissan Rogue competitor or atleast the same class. Its smaller and a higher price tag, i’ll take one for 21k but not 30.

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right…how did it handle and power?!

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it was quicker than the rogue, and it felt more responsive. but it lacked the sporty touch the rogue had. the salesmen was talking about how the transmissions were different and how the rogues was worse. honestly i liked it better than the tiger-iguana crossover from volkswagen.

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Wow…thanks for the head’s up…I do like the styling of the Tiguan, but a friend of mine who owns a Rogue swears up and down it’s the last car she’ll buy.

Either way, my chips are on the Jetta TDI…can’t wait.

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i agree with you on that one Jetta TDI FTW

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AWESOME MPG! thats all i have to say about that one.

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