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Would anyone care to join me in thanking the mods and the manager?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30549points) April 18th, 2012

This question is not new, but I can’t find where it’s been asked in the last year.

Our moderators volunteer their time to police Fluther and keep it running up to standards many know and enjoy. The manager is on-call at all times, it seems to me.

Compared to other Q&A sites I’ve been a member of, the quality of participation here is much higher. I believe that can be directly attributed to our moderation team. The lack of trolls is refreshing.

I want to thank the whole team.

Would anyone else like to join me?

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Absolutely. Great job everyone!

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Yes. But I suspect they are mad at me right now, so please ask again in a week or so.

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Milo here; Hats off. They have certainly been kind to me (as well they should). Where shall I send the mouse meringue pie that I just took out of the oven? My limo and driver are standing by at the ready.

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Thank you for all you do!

I baked cookies here for you !!

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I have fresh cut pineapple for everyone and coconut ice cream.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought : I can’t ask again in a week. That would be too soon. We still love you, I think. Are you in trouble? Are you going to get a spanking?

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@Hawaii_Jake We’ll see how much trouble I am in. But is a spanking from augustlan really a deterrent? Most people aspire to that.

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Thanks to the mods and manager of this site. Not only are they the nicest, but also the best looking mods on the internet.

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Yes, of course. Always. Even when we’ve been very naughty and they just have to punish us.

we’re somewhat sorry

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You’re doing a better job all the time. Thanks for learning and improving.

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Absolutely. I send my sincere thnaks for all the hard work the staff does. I didn’t know there was going to be a party so I didn’t bake anything, but @gailcalled & Milo are celebrating their anniversary and they’ve got Cake! :-)

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Yay, mods! And yay Auggie!

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Thanks to Augie and the great team!

I’m going to Gail’s for cake. We’ll have a toast for you mods!

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milo anagrams to limo

gailcalled's avatar

@Jeruba: Milocalder has a lot more anagrammatical possibilities.

Jeruba's avatar

Lord Malice
Old Miracle
Eclair Mold
Calmer Idol
Mild Oracle
and 1060 more.

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My favorite is Dollar Mice.

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Back rubs all around!

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^back rubs? where do I apply for the job?
Thank you to everyone who says, Yes! No! Re-word it! Try again.” Not an easy thing to do and still hang on to your sanity.

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My sister says her back hurts worse after I give her a back rub…
Cookies for everyone! :D

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Yes. Thank you!

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What a suck up @Hawaii_Jake!

No, really, just kidding. I love the mods here, almost all the time, except when I don’t. I have had an issue or two and it is about a 50–50 split where I think I have been right and where I think they have been right. Whenever I get modded it’s usually for a good reason. I sometimes have an issue with off-topic chatter in the general section. And sometimes, the mods have saved my bacon, as they say. There have been several times when I have, lets say, just stayed up too late, and posted a question or a response on fluther, only to wake up thinking OMG and found that, when I log back on, the question or response had been modded and all I can say is “Thank God for the Mods! Or the MGods! Or the GMods.

They keep things civilized here. People get bent out of shape about the modding here sometimes, but I never really found it in any way oppressive. There are rules here. You know? That is just the way it is. You either follow them or go elsewhere. The modding, on very, very rare occasions, sometimes seem capricious or unevenly applied. I have seen rather egregious “writing standards” issues fly through unnoticed while on the other hand, seeing a question sent back to editing because the OP failed to capitalize the word “Chinese.”

But while modding may at sometimes be erratic and uneven, I have never, ever, seen it get personal, or political, or oppressive or biased, in any way, no matter what some people may seem to think around here sometimes.

I just have to be honest, what can I say? The mods are only human, but yes, a will give the mods a big hug and hurrah and a thank you for keeping things civilized here, and on track.

But don’t get me started on @augustlan. What a bitch! And she can get out that whip of hers and let me have it for saying that. I dare her! Bring it on Auggie! :-)

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Nah, fuck em & the scrawny pony they rode in on!
Only kidding, adds a touch of dark humour dontcha know?
Yay….woot…..way to go, oh staff people on the interwebz.

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Love ‘em – they make Fluther the best site on the web.

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Thanks, jellies! We couldn’t do it without you, the best community on the net. :)

@lillycoyote Bend over, baby.

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Double spankings for you, sir!

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@Hawaii_Jake Fess up. What did you do that has you sucking up to the mods? They do an excellent job. Although I’ve never been involved in anything controversial, so it’s almost like they’re invisible.

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Yes, a hearty Thank You for all that you do. Jeez, I feel like bursting into song or something ;-)

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@lillycoyote & @Adirondackwannabe : This question is about the mods and the manager, not me. sticks out tongue

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This is really like a community that I feel like is as real as any community in my personal life. I feel welcomed and I appreciate the opportunities that Fluther gives me to ask for advice and to converse and take part in some intelligent (hopefully!) dialogue.

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Luvre for them all!

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Oh, absolutely, thank you Mods! They do such a challenging job with such flair.

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@augustlan You know I love it when you say “Bend over, baby.” :-)


@Hawaii_Jake, I really was just kidding around about the sucking up thing. I’m kind of a smart ass sometimes; you should know that by now. Though I apologize if it might have been over the top. I was just teasing you a little

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Thank-you all for your time and effort. :)

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Yes, many thanks, hip hip hoorays and pats on the back. You all are very much appreciated.:-}

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@lillycoyote : I guess I should have added a tilde (~) after my sentence. I knew you were teasing. You really were teasing weren’t you, because it would break my widdle heart, if you weren’t. I think I drink a gallon of bleach. I’d jump off the roof into a kiddie pool. I’d…


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No, @Hawaii_Jake I actually think you’re a big suck up. It’s just never know whether or not people understand when I’m teasing and joking or when I might have taken it too far possibly, and then I have to apologize and make sure I haven’t offended or hurt someone. It’s, honesty, quite a heavy burden and very time consuming on top of that, all that apologizing and clearing things up. And I’d jump off the roof, into a kiddy pool filled with gallons and gallons of bleach, some of which I would probably end up drinking, before the fall killed me, if I ever thought that I had broken your widdle heart. :-)

And Flutherites: I think it may be time to confiscate any bleach that either I or @Hawaii_Jake may have in our homes, until we get this one completely worked out between us, if you all wouldn’t mind staging a little intervention, just until and in case.

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@lillycoyote : All I can say is Yikes! :-)

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@Hawaii_Jake LOL. I’m kind of a mess, aren’t I. :-)

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@lillycoyote : Kind of a mess? Kind of? You’ve ruined one of my favorite aloha shirts with that flip off the roof into the kiddie pool of bleach. The splash was tremendous. I’m wiping bleach off everything in sight. Geez. ~

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@Hawaii_Jake Maybe it’s just me that needs the intervention. Of course, I will pay to replace your shirts, just as soon as I am out of the body cast, finished with my physical therapy rehab and working again. Your shirts weren’t the only casualty in my flip off the roof into the kiddie pool full of bleach, trust me. Never again.

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Thank you @Hawaii_Jake for your lovely thought and to all the Fluther members who have contributed to this thread. Happy to make my small contribution to keeping the site tidy. Thank you to @augustlan for her never failing commitment to the Fluther community and my fellow mods. You are a great team of people.

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I missed this question, so I’m late. Here, have some cupcakes!
<———Gus only licked one.

Thank you to the Fluther team for all your time and effort that you put into the site. It really does make a difference. I appreciate it greatly :)

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