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Who's celebrating Milo's and my fourth anniversary, besides us, of course?

Asked by gailcalled (54631points) April 18th, 2012

Here’s the archived first anniversary. Quoting myself, “The catnip brownies and smoked mouse arrived on time… Thanks to those who made the effort. It’s still not too late for cake.” Repeating myself, it is STILL not too late for cake.

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Happy anniversary to my favorite couple! I’m lifting a Miller Lite in honor of your celebration!

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Here you go, and many happy returns of the day.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * H * A * P * P * Y * * A * N * N * I * V * E * R * S * A * R * Y * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I am more of a pie person.

And for Milo a starter kit.

Many happy returns.

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Congratulations, you two! I’ve never seen a more salutary relationship between owner and pet.

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Happy anniversary. Where is the cake?

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Happy anniversary to you both. Enjoy the fun.

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Mazel Tov my dears! may you both live to a hundred and zventzig!

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Meowwww!!! ^..^

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I am soo glad that you two found each other. Milo has a mom!

I’ll have some cake!

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Did somebody say cake? I show up for ALL celebrations, especially ones with cake.

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Yay MILO! Catnip brownies for you and well, Gail…give me a ringy dingy for your special brownie recipe. lol

Cats! Cats are the BEST little friends ever!

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Happy day! Milo, enjoy the extra attention. And extra treats?

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@tinyfaery: Milo here; I hear clattering noises in the kitchen, which does bode well. Nothing for you however, considering the brutish advice you have given Gail over the past four years. Just some coal in your stocking.

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MIlo here: If I was too subtle, let me remind you that the fourth anniversary is fruit, flowers or linens. MY monogram is MC. That’s easy to remember.

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Congo Rats to you both, though I think Milo will like the rats more than gail.

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@filmfann : Sometime I do feel that Milo likes the rats more than me…I do despair. I’ve worked myself to the bone and what thanks do I get? An occasional hair ball!

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Is Milo set up in the presidential suite tonight with caviar, milk and silk sheets and nature videos of cavorting rodents?

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Little did you know that you were embarking on this great love affair. Congrats!

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@Coloma I think Milo would accept nothing less than the Imperial suite, presidents can be thrown out of office.

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D’aw. ^_^ That’s cute.

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Heh, well lifes pretty grand for the cats over this way. Just climbed out of my hot tub on this blissful, warm spring night and my guys are lounging around in the grass in-joying the frog pond songs and hoping for a tender little snack of baby gopher.
Oooh, to be a well loved pet, I pray that if there is such a thing as reincarnation I’ll come back as a spoiled pet of someone like me or Gail. :-) Whatta life, eat, sleep, play! lol

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There are some fine party cakes available, though Milo might prefer

    Four and twenty blackbirds,
    Baked in a pie.

    When the pie was opened,
    The birds began to sing;
    Wasn’t that a dainty dish,
    To set before the king?

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Where are the cats pajamas?
Gail…Gail…I want to see Milo in a smoking jacket with satin trim.

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A small fireworks display saying happy 4th! cats don’t always have good reactions to fireworks (The fireworks are left-over from last year’s Independence Day, but don’t tell Milo.)

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Theres nothing better than a pet to truly make a house a home. Chin skritches for Milo. Smoochie. Sends her love to you both. Congrats. May you have many more happy anniversaries to come.

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Ooo cake! I mean ..Happy 4th Anniversary!

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Not a big fan of cats, but for Milo, I always make an exception. He is, after all, so much more than a cat.

Happy Anniversary Milo!

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I do not understand your obsession with Milo.

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Sooo, it’s the morning after the big party, a little hair of the cat for you Gail?

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Well, I had a wee bit too much fun last night, I need a little feather of the goose. lol

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Thanks, everyone. I cheated and started the celebration at sundown last night, Milo being a Jewish cat (proof): but the anniversary is really today, April 19th.

POTUS and FLOTUS tried to call but all the lines were busy; we are still beating off the TV crews and reporters. (Marwyn, they asked for your email and F/B password but I didn’t’ tell.)

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Pool party at Marwyns with Gopher polo on the lawn and tuna surprise potluck 3pm sharp!

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MIlo here; Bring it on. Here

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Why didn’t we start a chat in honor of this fine event.
You know, with nip and tuna and grass and stuff.
Congratulations, both of you!

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@gailcalled I can’t tell you what I expected to see with your link to proof of a Jewish Milo!

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@janbb: MIlo here; Careful; that is still a sore point with me.

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Other than being told by a physical therapist that, yes, I do have arthritic knees that are not going to get miraculously better, we had a lovely day.

The air is filled with the perfume from my viburnum carlesii, my taxes are done, and a guy repaired the dry/retaining wall that was looking like the walls of Jerico in an amazing 4 hours. Milo supervised and did some rolling around in the emerging greenery of the catmint.

Thank you, everyone, for keeping to the spirit of this celebration.

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