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Who else likes these musicians?

Asked by likipie (1450points) April 18th, 2012

Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis (personal favorite out of these artists), Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, June Carter, etc.

I just want to know because I never hear anyone talking about any of them except maybe John and June and obviously Elvis.

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I am obviously in love with Elvis, and I do like Johnny cash.
I’ve never heard of the first two, but I do listen to Jerry Lee Lewis sometimes.

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I’m a big Johnny & June fan, though I wasn’t until I saw the movie “Walk the Line”. Not the others so much. However I also love the Rolling Stones who were also big in the 60s/70s (and still going!)

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I love the oldies – especially the jukebox oldies :)

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@AshLeigh YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF BUDDY HOLLY AND ROY ORBISON????? I’m going to shit my pants. Ho-ly shit. If you want to listen to good, wholesome music, I suggest checking them out. Seriously!!!!

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@Bent I love that movie, it portrayed John very well, in my opinion. It showed the demons that he harbored but didn’t make him out to be an ass (which he wasn’t). June was depicted pretty accurately as well, although she wasn’t that pretty and she wasn’t as good a singer. Jerry Lee was a little weirder in real life and he was a total ass, so they could have enforced that a bit more. Then Elvis and Orbison were pretty minor characters so you didn’t see much of them. But I love them all.

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Love ‘em.

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I like everyone you listed except Johnny Cash and June Carter.

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I love Roy Orbison. I love Johnny Cash. I like Buddy Holly. I despise Elvis with a fiery fiery passion that is hate. I know I’ve listened to Jerry Lee Lewis, but I honestly can’t remember any songs by him. I am unfamiliar with June Carter.

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I like a few of those. My favourite out of those choices would be Roy Orbison.

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Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, yes. All the rest, no. I don’t discuss them here because I have never seen a thread specifically about them. I rarely discuss them in real life because everything I felt I need to say about them I’ve said long ago. If they were pertinent to a conversation or event, I probably would make a brief mention, then I would drop it again.
As in; “Ooooo, did you hear what Chris Daughtry did to that old Johnny Cash song that I have NEVER liked? It’s AMAZING!”

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I liked them all, although I wasn’t that big of an Elvis fan. Roy was excellent in the Wilburys.

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I like all of them, and like Jay and the Americans as well. Does anyone know about Jay and the Americans?

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@linguaphile I’m unfamiliar with Jay and the Americans.

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“Does anyone know about Jay and the Americans?”

I do. Jay Black had (has?) a beautiful voice.

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Yes. I like all of the above, except for June Carter and Elvis I don’t dislike them. I just don’t care for them

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I think they’re all great! (well, Not June Carter so much), but the others are awesome! I actually got to see Jerry Lee Lewis in concert many years ago. :)

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@Only138 Awesome!! I would totally dig seeing him in concert but he’s getting pretty old. I don’t think he has many years left.

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@likipie Now, probably not, but he was pretty awesome in the day. he played the piano with his butt, and his feet…..standing and sitting. Too cool. :)

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@Only138 Indeed. I’ve watched videos of his earlier performances and when he first got started, he was more mellow. But after he got going a bit (which didn’t take long at all) he was pretty wild!

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