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How often did you "go out" in your young adult days?

Asked by the_overthinker (1527points) April 19th, 2012

“go out” -> in this context, I am referring to going to hang out with friends in bars, clubs, pubs, parties.. etc. or “to take part in a social life outside the home”

How often did you go out during your young adult days? Do you think you went out too much? When did you start to go out less?

If you rarely went out, what was your reasoning? Do you wish you went out more often?

Most memorable outings, or recommendations to the young adults are highly welcome. :)

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There are many places I know of with drink specials for almost every day of the week. I used to go out a lot, but now only thurs, fri, and sometimes sat.

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Oh man…life was one endless party from about 16 to 23, then I got married. Party over. lol
Now, I’m 52 and divorced and I enjoy my local tourist hubs in the summer for live music, but It’s a seasonal thing, and I am not a bar person at all, other than the local entertainment scene which is 5 minutes away from me. I have returned to a bit of happy brownie fun the last few years. Flashback to the 70’s. haha

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@Blackberry, how much is going out “a lot” for you? lol, because I usually like to go out only once a weekend. Sometimes just once every other weekend, or when I don’t feel busy. Seems like you used to go for drinks everyday.

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@Coloma, sounds like fun times. :P

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Wife and I “went out” a lot. Mostly, it had to do with me playing music and she was my helper. We did workd in a date or two alone, during that time. Even that alone time, surrounded our love of music.

Having dates should involved something that both people love. We all love food, so that pretty definite. The love of art or whatever each loves, should be taken into consideration.

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Every night or almost every night. I never wanted to be home. If I wasn’t “out” out I was at someone else’s house hanging out.

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@the_overthinker I tend to go out every weekend. There’s only a few times I don’t go out at all the whole week.

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I am from the same generation as @Coloma. It is amazing looking back when I was 18, I went out nearly every night after work to the clubs, had people over after the clubs closed, ate, played board games or cards, partied, went to work the next day and did it all over again. I made minimum wage, $2.90 an hour, and still paid a car payment, insurance, rent and utilities. I had a roommate who made the same wage and was my shadow partying like it was 1999 right along with me. I even managed a few college classes those first few years. How did we do it?

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@bkcunningham, haha some people just know how to party hard. ;)

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@bkcunningham No s—t! lol
We’d party all day on the river, swim, raft, drink beer, bake in the sun, then rush home, take a quick shower, eat a bite and out to the clubs we’d go or a private party til 2–3 am. Yep, then go to school/work and do it all over again. Young bodies are very forgiving, not anymore. Jesus, I had this uber busy, high adrenaline day yesterday, got home about 4:30 and hadn’t eaten since 11 am.

Super energized so I had 4 Mikes Hard Blackberry lemonades that had been in the fridge for about 3 months while making dinner.
OMG.. ate, and was passing out in my hot tub at dusk. haha
Not feeling too hot today but I’m sweating it out with house and yardwork. :-P

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I’m still only in my thirties but I was always more of an introvert than a socialite, even in my teens and twenties. I did go ‘out’ more back then but not as much as other people I’ve known. I’ve always preferred more quiet settings vs noisy, even as a young kid.

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My husband and I used to belong to a couple of different clubs, and we went to activities nearly every weekend until we joined the Foster Family Program as emergency care providers. We then had foster kids nearly every weekend.

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Up in my neck o’ the woods it’s all about wineries and micro-breweries. My county and the neighboring county hold a “passport weekend” every spring where you buy one ticket and go wine tasting at about 40 different wineries in a 30 mile radius. Great fun, just rent a limo or have DD. :-)

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I’m still in my young adult days and I still find myself “going out” pretty often. However, I have toned it down a bit from the last two years of college. A lot of my friends have had that attitude as well. There was definitely a period last year where I was drinking/partying every week. That has calmed down a bit. Still, 4/20 weekend coming up with excellent weather…there’s going to be a lot of partying… :)

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In my younger days about 2 times a week.
Slowed down after my son was born. It was either feed him or party. I choose to feed him. But then I would go on special events with my husband.
Then it about stopped when my daughter was born. Once you have kids, you pray for 8 o’clock to role around so you can get some rest before the next morning. The only party you want is your bed and some shut eye. Kids will wear you out faster than any club will.

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@Coloma Tell me where and I am THERE!!

I college I was beast! I was definitely out Thurs, Fri, Sat at the bars and during the week I was usually hanging out with friends at their places or everyone at mine. Now that I am 30 and I have a different kind of group of friends at home, it’s not nearly as often. Once or twice a week and about 1 time a month that is in a bar. We are all grown up and have jobs that we have to get up for in the morning :( When did that happen?

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I loved going out! I would go out as much as I could, I now can’t stand it, bipolar aside, I just love being comfy in my comfy clothes and doing something nice, like hanging out on Fluther.

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I used to go out at least once a week in my mid and late teens. Saturday night wasn’t Saturday night unless we went out. If you include visiting friends it would be two or three times a week. For much of my 20’s I went out three or four times a week to bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatre, walks, parties. It was fun. Now I almost never go out.

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In Eugene we could walk around Campus and crash parties every night. All you had to do was find a house with some people on the porch and walk up and ask if you could kill a beer on their porch. By the end of the beer they considered you family.

Once I started college I went out less. That was when I was 24.

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At least once a week, sometimes more. We went downtown, to the clubs, occasionally even to the opera or a comedy show. Those were the days. Now I can’t afford to go out that often.

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I’m in my young adult days and I do go out far too much. I’m the first to admit that. But the only thing that is doing is making me a better and more aware person and I love meeting new people and being let into to all different kinds of viewpoints.. Nothing wrong with having a crazy social life is there?

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In high school, rarely got to go to anything other than the mall and friend’s houses. I lived in Florida and too many kids were killed in drunk-driving accidents on their way home from beach parties, so my mom was extreme in her supervision of my outside activities.

I had more fun in college. At first, I went to bars and clubs almost every Friday and Saturday and many house parties, but after I had my son at 20, I toned down and only went to dance clubs frequently, but didn’t drink- only danced. I went to techno clubs and country music dance clubs!

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I was a rather wild thing in my youth so, in high school and college, and in my mid-twenties, I was always out, somewhere, hanging out at the park, we did that a lot where I grew up, there were a couple of big parks everyone hung out at, where we would go when we skipped school, and there were concerts, parties, clubs, bars, friends’ houses, hanging out wherever we could. If I hadn’t been in grad school and lived in Austin, TX in my early thirties, I probably would have given all that up by then, but Austin was, is still, I would assume, such a fun town to go out in, so many clubs, so much great music, so much to do… I didn’t have kids, so why not? Then after I moved from Austin, at 36, I just didn’t go out that much, to clubs and do things like that, anymore.

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Before I left home, never. I had no friends and no money, my parents couldn’t even afford to give me pocket-money. Once I left home, moved to a different city, got a job and made some friends, I’d be out several times a week but it would often just be hanging out at a friend’s house, or my friends would come and hang out at mine. Right now, I go out at least twice a week.

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