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Can anyone suggest some good stress release methods?

Asked by Pandora (27067points) April 19th, 2012

Long story short. My husband has been getting one health problem after another. People at work (massive pus filled control freaks who don’t know his job but swear that he is a magic genie) are getting to him and his stress is building up and its causing him to get health problems.
Before anyone suggests it. He is currently applying for other jobs but that may take a while. In the mean time I need a quick solution to help him relax and not be so stressed.
Appreciate your help.

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Breathing exercises are very good for calming.

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Yoga helps but he may not have time for a class. You can learn Yoga from a book or DVD but a good teacher is best. All Aerobics help and deep breathing helps me or Mediation.

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I agree with both @dabbler and @philosopher, but if he remembers nothing else, tell him to take time to exhale completely. We tend to hold our breath when we are stresses.

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Daily massages and a cat. Not a dog, a cat, that is important.

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When my stress levels reach the breaking point, I’ve found that a ferocious face-to-face confrontation with authority is an excellent release. I run the copwatch program in my city, and it’s never very hard to find a misbehaving cop, so I’ll often head out to hunt down some steroid-gobbling meathead who’s stupid enough to give me a fight. Most cops know me from long experience, and know that I’m well capable of ripping open a can of whoop-ass consisting of press releases, official complaints, lawsuits, constitutional challenges, and other assorted tools of the trade. Only the really dumb cops rise to the bait, which suits me fine. I get to blow off some steam and do some good deeds at the same time by slapping down a heavyhanded cop.

(To allay complaints, I’ll mention that I’ve been told by others cops – with whom I get along because they’re not fascist lunkheads – that some of the senior cops use me as training. They send young, inexperienced cops to harass me, knowing that I’ll give them good experience in dealing with activists. In other words, they regard me as annoying but harmless.)

I’m not saying your husband need to go out stare down a cop, but he would probably enjoy putting himself in a situation where he can let his rage and frustration power some old-fashioned self-righteous indignation so that he doesn’t feel guilty about letting loose. Rude waiters, obnoxious salesmen, and door-knocking christers are all viable targets for justified wrath.

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This has a massive list of fun things that might help.

If this is more of an everyday issue, maybe he could talk to a doctor about using some beta-blockers in the meantime? They’re great for stress, and a lot come in a really cheap generic form.

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@ragingloli LOL, he’s highly allergic to cats, but not our dog.

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@Aethelflaed Great list. Thanks
@SmashTheState In his job that would be a big no no. Would get him fired and that would certainly add more stress. :( Good try though. LOL
@philosopher He’s not big on Yoga stuff but I’m sure he would try the deep breathing as you and @dabbler suggested.

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Get a hot tub! I SWEAR by mine. Nothing like going out after a hard day with a glass of wine, or not, and just floating in bliss under the stars. yes, yoga, deep breathing and especially the star gazing. Looking up at the universe and realizing how truly insignificant this “game” of life really is, does it for me everytime. :-)

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@Coloma Oh, yeah, I’m sure that would work but unfortunately we are hot tub deficient right now. :(

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I meditate. If that doesn’t work, I dance shamelessly to this

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Chamomile tea is very calming.

Exercise can help relieve stress. Perhaps if he went for a walk on his lunch hour.

Yoga, yoga breathing.


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A lot of these suggestions seem to be based on the assumption that everyone is always ragged from over-emotion and need some serenity. I can testify from personal experience that some of us have the opposite problem that we spend our days tightly and rigidly controlling our emotive output, and need relaxation by releasing the pent-up rage. It may be that what he needs isn’t a cup of chamomille and a dip in the hot tub but a Two Minutes Hate and a pair of brass knuckles.

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I get like that once in awhile. I like to run a box of 3” buckshot through a pump gun at the range. It won’t do anything good for my shoulder in fact quite the opposite. At least the crud that was sweatin me before is minute by comparison. YMMV.

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@SmashTheState Hmm. Maybe some time at the gun range or exercise. I know both tend to make him happy. Well, unless he does sucky at the gun range.

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You don’t need to be good at the range for recoil therapy. Just empty the gun into an earthen berm. Hitting anything precisely wouldn’t be necessary then. Just remember, use the 3”, oh, in 12 gauge…I almost forgot to mention that.

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Walk or run as hard as you can, as far as you can. Then walk slowly back taking slow deep breaths. Worked for me.

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Sit outside at night and watch the stars.

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Massages work great. When alone however a very hot shower or bath helps too. At least for me.

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Encourage him to write what’s on his mind. It may help to write about things that are bothering him. Write for 10 to 15 minutes a day about stressful events and how they made him feel. Or think about starting a stress journal. This helps him find out what is causing his stress and how much stress he feel. After that he can find better ways to cope.

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