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Was a name ever so foreboding as 'Titanic'?

Asked by Rheto_Ric (1177points) April 20th, 2012

According to Greek mythology the Titans were overthrown by Zeus’ armies and condemned to the depths.
Can you think of any other instances where the name of something or someone foreshadowed their fate?

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Goliath, that big fella was just asking for trouble with a name like that.

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Challenger. Many a challenger has gone down in flames.

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Goliath cranes, you mean? They have been known to fall over and kill people. Several British warships carried the name Goliath and have sunk. That is an unfortunate foreshadowing.

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Obama. Just ask Ted Nugent.

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Keith Moon jokingly said that Jimmy Page’s new band would go over like a lead balloon. A zeppelin. Page called his bluff and famously named them Led Zeppelin.

They were magnificent and combustible like the famed blimp and, considering John Boneham’s ultimate demise – certainly went down in flames.

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I believe Thundercunt holds that distinction.

@filmfann . . . godammit! i almost like you for that.

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At one place my partner worked, the company had a tradition of naming PCs after Greek, Roman or Norse deities. When they named one after Loki he said it was a bad idea and they shouldn’t use that name. They ignored him, and that particular PC was ever after prone to all sorts of problems, before they eventually threw it out.

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Tiger Woods. How prophetic is his name? In more ways than one. I.e. two.

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When Tiger Woods first became known I thought a new range of drivers had just came on the market.

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