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What is the meaning of beauty in a person?

Asked by flutherother (26785points) April 20th, 2012

When we think a person is beautiful what does it signify? We may want a beautiful person as an employee or as a mate but why?. Does beauty signify anything beyond itself and why is beauty so important?

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Beauty, as defined by the observer, is a positive quality and brings positivity into one’s life. Be mindful that beauty is not the same as being pretty or eye-catching; beauty includes innate qualities.

I like being around beautiful people because they make life more pleasant. Ugly people make life tiresome.

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It can mean different things. They’re just nice to observe, so I want them around me lol. Kind of like walking through a Ferrari dealership instead of a junkyard.

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Beauty, in a person, can either be a person with a beautiful face or it could be a person with a big heart and personality. It’s rare to find a person with all three.

A beautiful person is one that everyone wants to be around. Their love for life is demonstrated by the things they do and the words they speak.

Jesus would be a fantastic example of a beautiful person.

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Kindness, a basic love & apprication for the natural world, a poetic heart, a good sense of humor, integrity, and authenticity.

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Thanks for the answers, but does beauty relate to any other qualities such as good health, intelligence, or a nice personality? From a Darwinian point of view does choosing good looks bestow any advantage on our species other than tending to produce other beautiful people?

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I think this relates to the broader notion of Value. We’re highly sensitive to Value in all of its forms; it determines what we seek. From an early age we begin absorbing our culture’s hierarchy of value. We learn what is considered rare and desirable among our peers. Beauty is what we call Value in terms of physical appearance. When we see the features that we’ve learned to think of as beautiful, there’s a thrill of having found something of great value.

Those things are kissed with a Halo effect: the fact that there is this cultural consensus on the desirability of these features confers upon them a certain glow that makes everything in their orbit look a little better. When we see those features, we’re inclined to assume all kinds of good things about their bearer—health, intelligence, skills—and being associated with their bearer both makes us look better to others and makes us think better of ourselves.

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Beauty to me is more of an inner thing. More like a beautiful soul that they have and their heart. Someone that is compassionate, full of joy and love, and just pleasant to be around. You respect them and adore their traits that aren’t just physical. Someone that is okay looking with these qualities can be very beautiful. Honestly, my friend and sister’s best friend are okay looking physically but their personalities just shine and I consider them beautiful. They have all those traits…they’re both super friendly and pleasant to be around. They just give good vibes.

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Beauty is the promise of happiness.

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