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Epoxy or superglue? What's works best to attach a metal bolt sleeve to a chair?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24919points) April 20th, 2012

The issue: I have a wooden chair (oak). The bolts that hold the seat and legs in place were screwed into a metal sleeve – the sleeve used to be held in place by small metal prongs on the sleeve. Those prongs came loose.

I want to re-seat the sleeve and the rebolt the seat in place. What is the better adhesive? I want the metal sleeve to stay in place (and be strong) forever.

What should I use?

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I’d use 5-minute epoxy. It will fill gaps better than superglue, if the fit is less than perfect, and be less brittle once it sets. I recommend the 5-minute stuff, because the slower setting epoxies can have time to soak into the wood grain before setting.

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I second epoxy. Superglue doesn’t really work on either metal or wood; one is too porous, the other not porous enough.

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An epoxy solution is probably your best solution, but gorilla glue is another alternative. It fills gaps in the wood aggressively and holds pretty good. Strengthwise it is a step down from like JB Weld, (the handyman’s other secret weapon) but I do like that it bonds very well to metals and woods.
Another solution is inserting another sleeve. You overdrill the hole to 5/8” and screw the sleeve (liberally coated with JB Weld or Gorilla glue) into the wood; and you will have a mechanical connection as well as an adhesive connection. I recently did something similar in a fiberglass roof on my little Miata and it is holding really well.

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Epoxy: specifically JB Weld.

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THank you all. JBWeld and a new sleeve tomorrow.

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