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What term am I thinking of? bah-bah-BAH-bah fatigue?

Asked by andrew (16358points) May 27th, 2008

This came up during an architecture class five years ago, talking about the tricky thing about making memorials (especially Holocaust memorials), since younger generations build up a resistance to the anguish of the older generation. It’s “something fatigue”, and I’m pretty sure it’s a four syllable word with the cadence bah-bah-BAH-bah fatigue.

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memorial fatigue?

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Compassion Fatigue checks out in Google and on the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust site. Also try museum fatigue. Vicarious Trauma also seems to show up often.

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I’ve also come across the term “commemoration fatigue”.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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its compassion fatigue.

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victimization fatigue? cross-generational fatigue? was reading a study here. @harp also said commemoration fatigue, which seems to fit.

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Bah bah Black Sheep fatigue?

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I’ve wanted to post this for a year and a half.

cun-nil-LING-us fatigue?

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ba barbara ann fatique

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I think you are referring to a “war” fatigue. It’s when people are too tired to care anymore.

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