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Which is better when it comes to "chilling"?

Asked by likipie (1450points) April 20th, 2012

(Chilling meaning getting stoned)
I know you probably have preferences outside these two groups, but out of these two, which is your favorite in this (hypothetical) situation?

Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd

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Oh, and what song if you have a favorite.

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For me chilling doesn’t mean getting stoned. I chill often but never get stoned.

For just listening, Zeppelin

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I gave all that stuff up many years ago but it’s not an either or thing, really, it isn’t.

What makes you ask, or think this? Think that one, Zeppelin or Pink Floyd is better than the other, or that either one of them is better than anything else? This is what I “chilled” to when I was 13, when I began “chilling.” Yes, I am that ancient.








and this one, though that one’s about heroin, something I certainly didn’t have any experience with then, and have never had any experience with, in my life, and don’t care to ever have any experience with. I just liked the song and listening to it when I “chilled.”

Honestly, I much preferred Savoy Brown to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. That was just my preference, just putting that one forward, as someone of that vintage.

In the ensuing years of “chilling” I either listened to whatever I felt like or was in the mood to listen to or what my friends happened to want to listen to or what happened to be playing. I don’t think there is some gold standard, some right or wrong answer here.

Relax. Chill out! Listen to whatever the hell you feel like listening too.

Your question did give me an excuse to post a little Savoy Brown though. That makes it work for me.

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Neather oner…acid rock sucks!!!

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I don’t get stoned (any more) but I still love Pink Floyd. Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb are my favourites.

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Never listened to either. Modern music like that should be for monkeys only.

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Led Zep all the way. Pink Floyd puts me out.

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Not my absolute favorite, but Led Zeppelin of the two.

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Pink Floyd, The Wall. Definately made for “chilling”.

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@lillycoyote Neither is better than the other, I love them both equally. I simply want to know people’s preferences.

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@ragingloli Zeppelin and Pink Floyd aren’t modern, but that’s cool.

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@likipie Of course it is. Just like Jazz, Rock and Roll and Cabaret. All of it modern degeneracy and decadence.

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In the age of iTunes I make a playlist and listen to both.

Chilling isn’t better or worse. Chilling is.

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Neither. Those might have been my choices back in the 70’s, but now days when I indulge in my “Happy Brownie” moments I prefer silence and nature. I close my ranch gate, turn off the phones and just get into hanging out with my pets, decorating my house, taking nature walks and going on photo safaris around my rural property. Silence is golden. :-)

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The Velvet Underground and Nico.

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i love both.

Add the Grateful Dead!!

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@jazmina88 Some Grateful Dead is good too, but I don’t like all of their music.

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@deni . . . long black veil

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