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When was the most recent time that you had a hearty good laugh & of course, what was the source of this joviality?

Asked by ucme (45473points) April 21st, 2012

Simple question for simple folk, on your marks, get set…....& away you go.

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Yesterday at work, actually! Two of my co-workers and I were sleep-deprived, but since our personalities mesh so well together instead of being completely dead we were ridiculously giddy and delusional. It helped that it was a slow day at work with few appointments so we could laugh freely without having to worry much about professionalism.

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Yesterday in a Bowen Therapy class while another student was performing a move on my adductors, thats high up on the inner thigh. Can’t remember what was said, I think I told her she had to look at me to see where the muscle was, and she was embarressed a bit. I think I pulled a muscle in my stomach.

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A few days ago. My daughter was cracking me up with an emphatic description of a nutty woman she works with. OMG! We are both the type to put a lot of inflection into our speech and honestly, I have wet my pants on more than one occasion when we are carrying on.

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I went to the first ever AIDS Walk on my island this morning, and a very good friend of mine showed up in drag. She looked fabulous! We had a good laugh and raised money for the local outreach and awareness foundation.

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I was attempting to sing the high notes of Lacrimosa’s Requiem for My Friend. I got up there but my voice cracked and squeaked pretty badly so my coworkers and me had a good laugh.

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Last week’s Office really made me crack up, when Jim and Pam heckle the magician.

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The last time I had a bowel movement.

i’m sorry but that shit was fucking funny

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The SO and I were in Germany a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, restaurants there normally have an English version. In one, an item on the dessert menu said, Emperors Sh*t – kind of a cut-up pancake with raisins and puree of apple. We passed on dessert.

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A good tickle session with my kids. They wait until I’m in bed, then sit on top of the covers on either side of me, which effectively holds me down. Then they tickle me until I can’t breathe.

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When I realized my that my cock, who used to go as hard as a solid steel baton, could now only go as stiff as a cooked 3 minute instant noodle that I left on the stove for 6.

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That just comes with age. But are you sure you were feeding him correctly?

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Too much solo feeding since Madonna was actually a real, bonafide virgin-?

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If he is that old it is no surprise. I am amazed that the bird is still alive. Most do not live that long.

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Here’s one I just ran across on a social website:

Dan ____ Hi, this is Dan’s mom. I wanted to let all of you know that he is no longer allowed on Facebook due to the choices he made today. He posted on Facebook personal information about someone, that regardless if it was true or not, it was rude. Because he chose to try and make her mad by spreading personal information, I thought he should know how it feels when the tables are turned. He wet the bed until he was 8.

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While my wife and I were checking out in a Family Dollar store a couple days ago. She was dealing with the bank card and I was putting our stuff in the basket to go. When it came time to hit OK on the display she couldn’t find the plastic pencil thingy and decided to hit it with her finger, just as I found the “thingy” by following the attaching cord and told her so. She says to me ” I have a very strong finger I can do this” To which I replied, “Damn you’re a woman after my own heart”. That caught her off guard. Eyebrows going up in the line behind us and the clerk grinning. Quickly she recovered and says, “excuse us I have to get this man back to the home.”

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I laughed pretty hard when the Red Sox absolutely choked tonight in a their loss to the Yankees.

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A few days ago. My partner and I were talking about something, which we both can’t remember the topic now. But it was something I was trying to explain in an intellectual and serious manner. I said one word but was thinking of another in my head (neither of us can remember the word now either, lol). It came out verbally as “forayyver” which made me sound like a complete idiot. She started mimicking it over and over…we started laughing and the topic died.

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We just Skyped for the second time tonight with my nearly 3 year old granddaugher. We were talking and all of a sudden she got really, really close to the computer. She would pull back away and then all you could see was a head of curly outrageous hair in the computer screen. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Ganny, I’m looking for the door to come there.” I laughed and nearly cried it was so sweet.

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Late this afternoon, Milo sauntered in followed by a large black ant. Suddenly discovering each other, they went several rounds before the ant made his escape.

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Great laughs happen to me a lot. Often I forget what the spark was. A very recent one that I do remember is the first link in the details here, although I’m not sure if that was the most recent occasion.

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Me and my friend went to dinner this evening and were splitting a few appetizers for our meal. We were so excited about the spinach dip all day and when it came, we both gasped and jumped, almost like something had surprised and scared us. It was so funny.

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Just now, I was on youtube watching the Doctor Who episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks from a while back. Exactly the type of thing that tickles my funny bone.

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Earlier this week. A girl at work said she would lend me The Fly and The Fly II, both on the same DVD. So I get to work, sit at a picnic table outside, and then she shows up a bit after…she wiggles the movie case slowly towards me going, bzzzzzzzzz. We couldn’t stop laughing. Usually doesn’t happen to me in the morning, so that was great.

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The last really good laugh I had was watching two dancing singing toys my grandsons were given for Easter. We were at a family gathering – the San Diego group flew up here – and the dolls kept running into each other. The younger crowd thought it looked very suggestive, but the preschoolers didn’t realize what they were laughing so hard about.

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I was at a wedding on Friday and my brother and his girlfriend were there too. We don’t get to spend much time together but when we do we always have some real belly laughs. We spent the whole evening in fits of laughter, it was great.

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Cheers peeps, good stuff.

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This scene from Down Periscope had me in stitches just a couple nights ago. Again.

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Update to my newest bulbous laughter. I was at a family get together tonight and my 3 year old nephew was showing us all how he danced, and his Mom was danging with him too and started doing a booty dance. A family member jokingly took my nephew’s hand and started tapping his Mom’s butt with it. My nephew didn’t get the gist of it at first. His Mom stopped dancing to go do something, but she came back and started dancing again, and my nephew started tappin’ dat ass!!! We were all DYING!!!! Even the 85 year old Great Grandmother was in tears. The mother almost peed her pants.

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I just had a hearty good laugh at these photos of underwater dogs :)

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I hope it’s okay to post yet another. The SO decided to learn French. To supplement the lessons, he listens to a French radio station, reads books in French, and watches French movies. One he picked up was The Little Prince, a movie made in 1974.

One night, he said, “You have to watch this.” When the movie got to the scene where The Little Prince meets The Snake, played by Bob Fosse, he stopped the movie and said, “Now, watch this” and showed me a clip on YouTube. Here it is.

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“Unfortunately, this SME music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights. ”

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