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How will you feel if WWDC proves to be fruitless?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) May 27th, 2008

Everyone is taking it as read that the iPhone 3G will come out at WWDC, how will you react if it doesn’t?

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then i’ll be happy 10.5.3 came out

im sure steve will have something to make us smile, if not an iphone, maybe something realy different, new macbooks or something

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I have no interest in the iPhone. The only reason I would be happy if they released it is so I can stop hearing about it. But it feels like a certainty that Firmware v2.0 will be released.

I’m more interested in the Mac side of things anyway. And I don’t have any expectations there.

I’m not really interested in this WWDC this year.

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I’ll be pretty upset. But I doubt that’ll happen. Look at what’s going on. Back in March, Apple had sold 1.7 million iPhones so far this year. They claim they’re on schedule for their goal of 10 million by the end of 2008. Based on how off that sounds, I believe they pretty much told us it’s coming. And AT&T already said all smartphones [including iphone] will be on the 3G network in months. And all of sudden iPhone is sold out. Even from Apple’s very own website! I think we’ve been told flat out “iPhone 3G is coming. And it’s coming on June 9”

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It certainly looks that way.

I care less about a second gen iPhone than I do about a decent re-design and upgrade to the Macbook Pro line – given that I want to upgrade later in the year…

I don’t think WWDC could ever prove to be ‘fruitless’, because ‘Apple’ are always involved!
Might get a smack in the mouth for that pun…

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The 2.0 firmware is not final yet; not to say it won’t be by WWDC. The 3G may be announced at WWDC, but I can promise it won’t ship until this 2.0 firmware is ready.

I don’t expect any big consumer announcements as it is a “Developer’s Conference.

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@glial -

Big consumer announcements are a frequent feature of WWDC, regardless of its role as a ‘Developer’s Conference’, since 2002 – read about it here .

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I’d love to see a mac mini update. I like the idea of the Apple TV, but I’d like some kind of RSS or Safari browsing, maybe even email. The experience needs to be different than sitting at a computer.

But the 2.0 firmware is a must see.

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@benseven – Again, what big consumer oriented devices?

Power Mac G5 – 2003
Mac Pro – 2006

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“2002 when it announced the rack mounted server Xserve, in 2003 with the introduction of the consumer-oriented iSight and the Power Mac G5, in 2004 with the introduction of redesigned Apple Cinema Displays, in 2005, when an announcement was made that Apple Computer would start the transition of their computers from IBM’s PowerPC microprocessor line to Intel’s line of x86 processors, and in 2006 with the release of the Xeon-based Mac Pro and Xserve.”

You said ‘big consumer announcements’ not ‘big consumer devices’ – I would say the transition to Intel was also a big consumer-affecting announcement also.

Bear in mind ‘consumer’ does not necessarily mean average joe, but anyone who buys Apple’s products – so the Xserve is up there even though it would mostly be the tech industry consumers rather than ‘mainstream’ consumers.

All that said, no product announcements last year ; )

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I know what consumer means buddy.

Again, I don’t expect any big announcements that would be of major interest to those “customers” who are standard consumers (i.e. those who do NOT use Apple products in a professional capacity)

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I don’t really care about the new iPhone… I just want the new firmware!

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Again, I don’t expect any big announcements that would be of major interest to those “customers” who are standard consumers

You must have been shocked!

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hehe, just above the belt there buddy ;)

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Haha, it’s allways funny to read old discussion about rumours :p

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Don’t worry. We’ll always have tasty surprises to make you smile. ;)

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Wow, I thought I was sad, but purporting to be Apple takes the biscuit..

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flagged? Who, and for what?

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This “Apple” guy is full of lies…

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